Armor Guide: Bogue - Menz Gaming | World of Warships

Being an aircraft carrier the tier 5 United States Navy Bogue doesn’t have a large amount of armor to protect it from incoming shells.  This does not mean that you will attain citadel hits and high damage rolls easily since you still need to know where to hit the Bogue to score high damage and/or critical hits.  Since the Bogue is an aircraft carrier its size is vastly superior to other types of ships in its tier making it a very easy target, but the citadel size of the Bogue is very small compared to the total size of the ship.  This World of Warships Bogue armor guide will break down the Bogue’s armor and also highlight key areas such as the citadel, propulsion system, and steering system.

World of Warships Bogue Armor Guide


Glancing at the Bogue’s armor layout you quickly find that it has a maximum of 16mm of armor and does not have internal layers of armor to improve the armor’s effectiveness.  Like all ships the Bogue’s critical modules/citadel are located amidships where the armor is at its thickest.  The propulsion system is very small for the size of the Bogue and when you factor in the small amount that sticks up above the waterline you can see why it can be hard to miss if you do not know exactly where it is.  The best indicator is the small deck running halfway up the side of the ship since the propulsion system is located forward of the largest rear AA deck.  The citadel area is much larger and spans almost the entire length of the 16mm thick section making it much easier to hit if you aim along the waterline.

Otherwise the only other “vital” module is the small steering module located at the rear end of the ship.  You will have to aim slightly above the waterline to damage it as the module itself is situated above the waterline.  Finally, the deck armor of the bogue similar to the other parts of the armor scheme is well below average.  The upper deck(top of the flight deck) is 13mm thick followed by a 1mm thick deck below the flight deck.  The citadel area has an additional 6mm celing that spans the entire 16mm section of armor amidships on the Bogue.