Armor Guide: Fuso - Menz Gaming | World of Warships

The tier 6 Japanese Imperial Navy battleship Fuso ditches the above average mobility that the tier 5 battleship Kongo had and instead sees a significant increase in armor thickness.  This armor guide takes the in-game listed armor values as well as basing the armor scheme vaguely off of historical data(since in-game is simplified and often slightly different) to paint an accurate armor scheme of the Fuso battleship.  The armor thickness is labeled according to thickness going from the weakest armor(white) to the strongest armor(red).  Additionally the propulsion system, powder magazines, and citadel zones are outlined since hitting here will do more damage than other areas.  Keep in mind that since World of Warships is early on that the armor guides should not be expected to be 100% accurate until in-game models are better understood.

World of Warships Fuso Armor Guide

Like any battleship the Fuso has a very sturdy citadel area that covers from the first front main gun to the last main rear gun.  Along the waterline and also running up the barbettes(turrets)/conning tower is the maximum amount of armor at 305mm.  Along the waterline outside of the citadel is armor that ranges from 229mm closer to the ends of the citadel area down to 102mm at the forward and after ends.  There is also thinner armor above the citadel armored belt along the waterline outlined in yellow that is most likely 229mm but could be 102mm.  Outside of the red/yellow areas you will encounter minimal armor in the green areas where the ship does not have thick armor protecting the remaining hull areas and the white superstructure areas have virtually no armor.  Keep in mind that hitting non red/yellow areas will do minimal damage and it is always best to aim for the citadel if you can penetrate it and also the powder magazines/propulsion system.