Hearthstone Guide: Basic Shaman Deck

TIME :2022-07-03

If you want to invade the board and deal your opponent a huge burst of damage, then the Shaman is made for you! This basic deck will help you discover and tame the gameplay of Thrall. The aim will be to maintain pressure on your opponent by playing as many creatures as possible, especially by using Totemic Call, your Hero Power. 

The Key Cards

The key cards mainly focus on one objective, benefitting from the number of creatures on the board.You also have something to slow down your opponent and keep control over the table. Try to wait for the right moment to surprise your enemy and deal a huge amount of damage in a single turn.

• Bloodlust

If there's one card to remember, it's this one! This is the card that justifies the need to have the maximum number of creatures on the board because it allows you to surprise your opponent and potentially deal a huge burst during the same turn. Bloodlust also works very well with the Shaman's Hero Power because it also affects totems. 

• Hex

This is the card that allows you to control all of your opponent's big creatures. Keep it safe and use it at the right moment because it is your only control card in this deck. It will very often save your life, which is why we recommend you keep it if you are given it at the start of the game. 

• Frostwolf Warlord

Everyone on the board! Once again, this card takes advantage of the Hero Power and can become huge if you have enough totems/creatures already in place. Generally speaking, your opponent will have the difficult task of choosing whether to attack you or concentrate on the totems. This card could punish him if he makes the wrong decision. 

• Stormwind Champion

Staying on the same idea, with a card that allows you to boost all the creatures on the board. Don't hesitate to use the Shaman's Hero Power to get the most out of all the cards, aiming to buff the minions. The more gentil totems will quickly become a threat for your opponent.

The Full Deck

As for the rest, keeping things very standard with the possibility to ideally bring out one creature with each turn. Some indispensable cards like the taunts, ones that allow you to draw a card and cards that put pressure on your opponent are also included.

Shaman Deck

Mana Card Name Quantity 0 Ancestral Healing 2 1 Rockbiter Weapon 2 2 Acidic Swamp Ooze 2 2 Flametongue Totem 2 2 Novice Engineer 2 2 Windfury 2 3 Hex 2 3 Razorfen Hunter 2 3 Shattered Sun Cleric 2 4 Chillwind Yeti 2 4 Sen'jin Shieldmasta 2 5 Bloodlust 2 5 Frostwolf Warlord 2 6 Fire Elemental 2 7 Stormwind Champion 2

Standard moves of a game

Turn 1

Unfortunately, as with a lot of basic decks, turn 1 is very weak. You will have to wait for the next turn!

Turn 2

You can draw with Novice Engineer or use the Acidic Swamp Ooze if you are playing against a class that doesn't have weapons. Using the Hero Power is also a good alternative.

Turn 3/4

Here you should in priority go with Chillwind Yeti and the Razorfen Hunter. Don't hesitate to use your totems if your hand isn't very forgiving.

Turn 5

At this point you should have at least 2 creatures on the board, making it worth using Frostwolf Warlord. You are also able to buff your cards or use a taunt.

Turn 6

If you have a strong presence on the board, then Bloodlust will likely bring you victory, otherwise things will get complicated and you will have to play for time.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The + of the deck

 A huge burst with 3 or more creatures on the table.
 Makes use of the Shaman's Hero Power.

The - of the deck

 No zone spells to clear the board.
 Very weak against zone spells.
 A Starter Deck, so weak against decks built from very big cards.