Hearthstone Guide: Top 10 Combos and Card Combinations

This list is all about combos that only need two cards to work. These combinations are 'credible', in the sense that you can use them often. So there are no crazy combos that you will never be able to play, but the basics that it is important to get to grips with. So now you know, here we're talking efficient and useful combos that you may come across during your battles. If you want to kill your opponent in one turn, then go take a look at the Top 5 One Turn Kill combos.

1+1 = 11


• 10 - Injured Blademaster + Circle of Healing

This is a very useful Priest combo as it gives you one of the best turn 3s in the game. The Injured Blademaster is a 4/3 for 3 mana but it is amputated with its 4 health points. All you need to do is couple it with the Circle of Healing which has no mana cost and you quickly get a nice 4/7 which will quickly become a pain for your opponent!

• 9 - Ancestral Spirit + Cairne Bloodhoof

The Ancestral Spirit of the Shaman allows you to revive one of your creatures once it has been destroyed. It works extremely well with all cards that have a deathrattle like Sylvanas, or a charge like the Argent Commander. Using it with the Cairne makes a very good combo because it will have nearly 3 lives and will be a real problem for your opponent if he doesn't have a silence in his hand. 

• 8 - Ancient Watcher + Sunfury Protector

The Ancient Watcher looks like an awful card at first glace. It has some exceptional stats for its mana cost but it can't attack! The Sunfury Protector is the solution to stop your opponent ignoring it. He will be forced to destroy it due to the taunt. This combo also works with the Defender of Argus as well as with all silences that allow the card to attack. 

• 7 - Whirlwind + Acolyte of Pain

The Warrior doesn't have a huge amount of draw cards and this little combo gives him the chance to draw a card. Whirlwind also works very well with the Armorsmith which gains you armour. You can also couple it with the Frothing Berserker to deal the maximum damage!

• 6 - Auchenai Soulpriest + Circle of Healing

Thought the the Priest only has the Nova to do the cleaning? Wrong! This combo allows you to deal the most powerful AOE of the game for 4 mana. The Soulpriest transforms your heals into damage and the Circle of Healing now deals 4 damage points to ALL minions. This combo is very good at calming the aggro decks and clearing the table! 

• 5 - Deadly Poison + Blade Flurry

The Rogue can also clear the board! He has no zone spells like most of the classes, but this combo can allow you to deal a huge amount of damage to the enemy minions. It also has the advantage of dealing damage to the enemy hero. If your heroic power is active, it deals 3 damage points to all minions but you can also couple the combo with Assassin's Blade to deal 5 damage points.

• 4 - Force of Nature + Savage Roar

It's the devastating Druid combo which allows you to deal 14 damage points to your opponent! In fact, Force of Nature allows you to summon three 2/2 treants with charge and the Savage Roar is there to boost it all, without forgetting that your hero also gets a +2 attack. You can also couple the Force of Nature with Soul of the Forest to gain an army of treants!

• 3 - Wild Pyromancer + Equality

The classic combo for Equality is more often with Consecration, but it costs you 6 mana. Sometimes when faced with aggro decks it will be urgent to clear the board before it's too late. This combo consists of playing the Wild Pyromancer and the Equality to get rid of ALL minions. The advantage obviously being that the board is cleared for only 4 mana. 

• 2 - Leeroy Jenkins + Unleash the Hounds

Leeroy is a card that generally works very well in combos because of its weak mana cost and its charge. Here you'll be taking advantage of the two whelps summoned for your opponent to use Unleash the Hounds. You'll do a minimum of 8 damage points if your opponent has no creature on the board. You can couple this combo with a Timber Wolf for an even bigger burst!

• 1 - Leeroy Jenkins + Shadowstep

Once again we have Leeeeeeroooy Jenkins in a devastating combo that only costs 8 mana! All you'll need is to play mister Jenkis, attack, then replay it after using Shadowstep. You'll deal 12 damage points in a single turn. If you also have a Cold Blood in your hand, that will do a lot of damage with 16 damage points for 9 mana!