HearthStone: Top 10 Warrior Cards to Craft

The Warrior deck is focused on the attack! And for that you shouldn't hesitate to get angry dealing yourself damage to make your cards even stronger! But thanks to his power and cards that buff his armour, the Warrior will find he can always hit harder! Here are the top 10 best Warrior cards for you to craft!

The TOP 10 Warrior cards!


• 10 - Cruel Taskmaster

A creature with weak stats but which compensates with a very powerful battlecry! This ability allows you to buff an allied creature, for example a creature with a charge or to destroy a little enemy creature! You can also destroy a big creature if you combine it with an Execute! This map also has as much a place in the aggro decks as the control decks. 

• 9 - Shield Block

5 armour, an additional card, quite a versatile card that will help you get out of a tricky situation, draw a card and even play it with a Shield Slam! Don't forget that armour is more important than health points for the Warrior because you can virtually exceed the 30 health points, you can use this armour in combination with other cards AND you can use Alextrazsa to heal your HP without touching your armour! Use this card in a control deck, because in an aggro deck it will slow down playing your creatures.

• 8 - Whirlwind

One damage point to all on the table for one mana, it's not an expensive card. You might also say that it isn't very useful either, but you'd be wrong. Firstly it can be very useful against very aggressive decks that have a lot of creatures with few health points. Secondly it works very well with several of your cards. Combine with a Frothing Berserker or an Arathi Weaponsmith to either boost the attack of the Berserker or add a lot of armour points very easily! It can also be used to activate the enrage of some of your cards like the Grommash. You can also combine it with an Acolyte of Pain. A very good card in a control deck, but a lot less useful in an aggro deck.


• 7 - Shield Slam

A very powerful card if you have manage to accumulate some armour or in combination with the Shield Block. Its low cost makes it a nice card because it allows you to destroy a big enemy creature for almost nothing! The only drawback, if the game is going badly, accumulating armour points will be difficult and unfortunately you won't be able to make the most of this card! Don't forget that you can always use your power to deal at least two damage to a creature!

• 6 - Arathi Weaponsmith

A creature with decent stats but it is it's battlecry that makes it interesting! Having a weapon as a Warrior is always useful to clear the monsters without having to sacrifice one of your own creatures! The Weaponsmith allows you to have a weapon easily and take the advantage on the board! This card is good in aggro and midrange decks!

• 5 - Kor'Kron Elite

A 4/3 charge creature for only 4 mana points! Its stats are decent and will allow you to survive the weakest creatures you trade with or that attack you! The ratio of 4 damage points for 4 mana points is also pretty good, allowing you to burst your opponent when you need to! A good card in all types of deck, in an aggro deck it can be used to lower the health points of your opponent a bit more, in a control deck it can be used to control the mid-game monsters of your opponent.

• 4 - Execute

A removal for one mana, we can't get better than that! There is obviously a catch, you have to have damaged your opponent, but with your cards you'll manage that no problem! Use a Cruel Taskmaster, a Whirlwind, an Inner Rage, a Shield Slam or a little creature to deal damage to a threat on the table then kill it easily with Execute! What fun to kill a big legendary with such a low cost combo!

• 3 - Frothing Berserker

An excellent mid game creature that can very easily put some pressure on the table! Thanks to cards like Whirlwind and Cruel Taskmaster, you can very easily exceed 5 attack points for this card which will make it the biggest threat on the table at this stage of the game! Your opponent will sometimes have to use his best removals to overcome it, leaving the way clear in the late game for your big creatures! To be played in control decks!

• 2 - Fiery War Axe

A weapon, but what a weapon! It costs nothing, allowing you to trade with practically any creature in turn 1-2, ensuring you control of the table! In the early game this card is one of the best to have in your hand, whether you're playing an aggro or control deck, having this weapon in your hand ensures you a very good early! Simple and efficient.

• 1 - Gorehowl

Grommash's famous axe! It's the best weapon in the game if your aim is to clear the table! Its ability theoretically allows you to use this weapon 7 times, losing an attack each time. Its 7 attack points will allow you to bring down almost any creature but you can also use the weapon as a burst: 7 mana points, 7 damage points for your opponent! This card is very strong in the mid game when your opponent has cards like the Chillwind Yeti or Boulderfist Ogre! However it has a weakness: the Acidic Swamp Ooze! Fortunately this card is played less and less now! Obviously Gorehowl is a useful card for control decks and less so for aggro decks!