Hearthstone Top 5 Worst Legendaries


Many players have felt the wrath of Majordomo Executus. Most of the time it's the player that actually summoned him. During the late game opponents can potentially kill Majordomo Executus, opening up the opportunity to set your hero's health 8, which is extremely risky. You could use Alexstrasza's battlecry to set your health to 15 but you can't heal yourself past 8 health. 9 mana for a 9/7 creature isn't the best value either. The hero power 'Die, Insect!' deals 8 damage which is alright if the opponent has one or two creatures which are high cost, but the RNG of the hero power hitting the target you want never seems to be in your favour... 

If you love the hero power and RNG within the game you’re better off using Ragnaros the Firelord, which won't replace your existing hero power, cost 2 mana to deal 8 damage, and doesn't risk your hero from dying in the next turn...

This card... for a 2 mana 4/4 creature it's seems pretty good for a strong creature early game, but the battlecry is extremely risky especially against heavy spell decks like mages, allowing the opponent to potentially kill you the next turn. The Battlecry simply allows your opponent spend expensive spells for free giving them an huge advantage which could cost the game. There arn't many benefits of this battlecry and not many players would consider using this card for any situation. It might have some potential in allowing the opponent to waste some spell cards, but it's not just viable enough.

The chances of running into a beast deck from either hunter or druid in order for this card to be useful is very slim, making this one of least favoured card in both constructed and Arena5 mana for a 6/3 is also risky due to the creature card to be an easy target to be sniped because of its low health. Most classes and creatures by the 5 mana mark will be sufficient enough to deal with this creature with ease. Not much else can be said about this card, it's just pure garbage.

This is just a pretty much just troll card. For a 9 mana for a 8/8 creature, it has slightly bad value. Since this card costs 9 mana a lot of the time during late game players will more likely have fewer cards, so time won't be much of an issue trying to figure out the best play. Though is does have some benefits if you’re up against an annoying roping player, otherwise it's not very useful. If it targeted only the enemy player then Nozdormu would be somewhat more useful because at the moment it can backfire. Nozdormu could be quite fun against decks that require a lot of combo time such as grim patron decks.

I was overjoyed when this was my second legendary card in my free-to-play account. It has an awesome unique special effect upon summoning the creature with epic Stormwind music. Gaining +1 attack when ever your minions die seems awesome and works amazingly well with pumping out a bunch of silver hand recruits which could potentially gaining 20+ attack late-game. But the thing is, this card can be countered so harshly in so many different ways. All classes have access to silence, transforming this creature into a measly 1/7 for 5 mana. There are also just too many clear cards that can potentially make this creature useless.

Other direct counters to Bolvar Fordragon

Priest: Shadow word: Death, Mind Control, Mass Dispeal, Light Bomb, Silence

Warrior: Excute, Shield Slam

Mage: Polymorphe, Polymorphe Boar, Flame Lance

Paladin: Humility, Repentace, Aldor Peacekeeper, Keeper of Uldaman

Hunter: Hunter's mark, Deadly Shot, Misdirection

Rogue: Assissinate, Sap, Vanish, 

Shaman: Hex, Earth Shock

Druid: Keeper of the Grove, Neutralize, 

Warlock: Siphon Soul, Shadow flame, Twisting Nether

All Classes: Ironbeak Owl, Big Game Hunter, Spell Breaker

The list goes on...

Essentially there are so many removal or debuffing cards that can effectively make this useless. There have been so many occasions where players could wait to stack up something like 32 Attack damage, only to be completely disappointed when a priest top decks a Mind Control or simply becomes dispelled by a 2 mana Ironbeak Owl. The attack damage also only stacks when the card is in your hand, so it best to have this card in your hand as soon as possible. Drawing this card late will make this card really weak. There are some occasions where opponents may not have card that can counter, but the draw backs are too high and seems too situational. I do hope that this card will be eventually buffed with a higher base attack or maybe even gain the elusive like spectral knight (might be a bit OP), because as of now it's pretty bad for Constructed compared to other cards out there. 

As for Arena, it is quite strong though but good luck getting him, as I have never come across the card once.

I do use him in constructed every now and then just for fun. The presentation of this card is so awesome.