Dead Island - Epidemic: Character Overview (Survivor, Armored and Mutated)

TIME :2022-07-03
As mentioned in our early preview of Dead Island: Epidemic, the free-to-play MOBA has various characters to choose from. Each of these characters has more than just one skin which will change the hero's abilities and main role on the battlefield. Here's a quick overview on what to expect from each of these alternate versions when it comes to actual gameplay:


Survivor: Healer / Support
As Survivor, Amber inflicts weakness upon others, heals und buffs up allies, reduces incoming damage and disarms others of their weapon while causing confusion on the battlefield by forcing zombies to attack each other.

Armored: Healer / Tamer
As Armored, Amber has a zombie companion to keep her safe, medi packs to heal wounded allies, a panic shot to make enemies flee in terror and a super buff to turn herself or a friend into a killing machine for a few seconds.

Mutated: Burst Damage / Stealther
As Mutated, Amber hides in the shadows to become invisible, leaps forward to cause bleeding damage, has poisonous thorns to inflict damage over time and a way to reset all cool downs.


Survivor: Defender / Disabler
As Survivor, Berg stuns and knocks enemies back with the throw of a log, has a mighty battle cry to inspire allies and the ability to send out a massive shock wave, dealing damage and slowing any zombie or hostile scavenger nearby.

Armored: Brawler / Steady Damage
As Armored, Berg charges forward to catch enemy targets off-guard, slams the ground to stun and damage others, has the ability to pick up a target and throw them to a nearby spot as well as a beserk mode to dish out even more damage than usual.

Mutated: Healer / Support
As Mutated, Berg has a mighty roar which heals any ally in range, a way to taunt zombies and force them to attack only him, a shield buff to absorb incoming damage and a leap to cause a little bit of extra damage.


Survivor: Initiator / Area Damage
As Survivor, Isys has a thunderous kick to knock back multiple targets, enough power to let loose a tornado which cripples and causes damage, a buff to evade all incoming weapon hits and a charge kick that hits more than just one enemy and also roots them in place.

Armored: Defender / Disabler
As Armored, Isys places a sentry gun to ward off zombies and scavengers alike, has access to grenades that explode on impact and slow others, a land mine that wounds anyone that gets too close and a rocket launcher that wreaks fiery havoc when used.

Mutated: Hunter / Initiator

As Mutated, Isys has a way to mount an enemy target and render them useless, toxic spit which quickly spreads to nearby foes, a claw attack that leeches health and generates rage for every successful hit and a twister ability to increase her movement speed.


Survivor: Steady Damage / Ranged
As Survivor, Bryce wields a paintball gun, is ready to unleash a jump kick on scavengers or walkers, has access to explosive bullets that mark enemy targets leaving them more vulnerable to damage and a keen eye when it comes to hunting ducks.

Armored: Hunter / Disabler
As Armored, Bryce takes control of the battlefield with a three-step strike, a harpoon to pull one target towards him, the talent to deflect incoming hits and the power to summon a shark-infested cyclone that causes bleeding damage and sucks nearby targets into it.

Mutated: Disabler / Initiator
As Mutated, Bryce brings a target location to a boil, has massive veins with which he can capture enemies, spores that deal damage and slow the movement speed and a way to call upon the aid of a toxic sprout that will spit at and infect nearby opponents.

The Fuse

Armored: Initiator / Area Damage
As Armored, The Fuse lives up to his name by setting fires and burning down barricades. Did someone mention grenades? Good, because this mustached gentleman has plenty of those...


Armored: Durable / Disabler
As Armored, Voltage uses crafty inventions and is highly electrifying. Quite literally, as she has multiple ways to send sparks flying towards other scavengers. Never underestimate the fiery personality of a ginger!


Survivor: Healer / Support
As Survivor, Wanta calls upon the help of voodoo spirits to cause damage or restore health - depending on the target. Bringing the dead back to life and putting curses on enemy players or zombies count as her two main specialties.

Sam B

Survivor: Durable / Defender
As Survivor, Sam B is quite the bro that shields friends from incoming damage or nasty zombie bites. He can also send out shockwaves by smashing his mighty hammer into the ground and taunt nearby opponents by blasting his hit song. Groovy.

Roy Becker

Survivor: Durable / Support
As Survivor, Roy Becker rolls across the battlefield to take snapshots, blind enemies, heal himself and allies and munch on some delicious snacks. He does take the scenic route once in a while, boosting friends with a haste buff during his sightseeing tours.