Guide Miss Fortune League of Legends S6


(Innate): Miss Fortune gains an additional 25 movement speed after not taking any damage for 7 seconds, increasing thereafter by 4 every second up until reaching 70 bonus movement speed.

Tips :

MissFortune is followed by a trail of red.

Some racing speed!

   Careful, if she's hit its all over!
As soon as Miss Fortune takes damage (from any source) the buff is deactivated, making her very vulnerable!

This passive is very efficient for moving around the map or for catching a target!

You must take care not to aggro a minion etc !

Double Up (Q)

(Active): Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target, dealing physical damage and 120% of that damage to another enemy target behind the first. Both hits apply on-hit effects.

  • Range: 550
  • Bounce hit range: 500
Tips :

The bullet bounces off Ashe.


   One bullet, 2 deaths!
A very good harass spell in the lane. Try to place it first on a sbire so that the second hit bounces onto your target, it deals more damage. But pay attention to your mana in the early.

The idea is to place the spell on a target when there is only one potential target behind, that way you will be sure to hit your real target.

Applies on-hit effects.

The brilliance/trinity will only activate on your first target!

This spell has a short casting time.

    Cost: 70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana

    Cooldown: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5 seconds

    First Target Physical Damage: 25 / 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 (+0.75 per attack damage)

    Second Target Physical Damage: 30 / 72 / 114 / 156 / 198 (+0.9 per attack damage)


(Passive): Miss Fortune's autoattacks deal extra magic damage on-hit. This damage cumulatively stacks up to 4 times on the same target if no more than 5 seconds pass between each hit.

(Active): Miss Fortune's attack speed is increased for 6 seconds and causes her attacks to lower healing received and health regeneration by the target by 50% for 3 seconds.

  • Cost: 50 mana
  • Cooldown: 16 seconds
Tips :

The sign of the debuff.

Bonus damage and speed!

   A spell that reduces heals!
An excellent debuff, it lets you ,inimise your opponent's heals in the lane. Use it every time you engage a fight to up your attack speed quickly and deal your maximum damage.

Miss Fortune's Q applies the damage bonus of the W! This can make it interesting to do the Q by activating the W, then continuing to stack the passive with the base attacks and finally do a second to profit from the 4 stacks of the passive!

If you attack your opponent again before 5 seconds have passed it will keep the stacks!

The attack speed bonus is very interesting, plus the heal reduction can also be effective against certain champions!

    (Passive): Magic Damage: 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 (+0.05 per ability power)

    Max Magic Damage: 24 / 32 / 40 / 48 / 56 (+0.2 per ability power)

    (Active): Attack Speed: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 %

Make It Rain (E)

(Active): Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds delay. The area lasts for 2 seconds, slowing and dealing magic damage every quarter of a second to each enemy that stands in it. Slow lasts 1 second after leaving the area.

  • Cost: 80 mana
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds
  • Range: 800
  • Diameter of AoE: 800
Tips :

A hail of bullets.

A slow spell with quite a big range!

   It's raining bullets!
Use it to check the bushes, so that you are not taken by surprise, since it gives you vision.

It is also a good way of slowing your target to chase, or on the other hand, escape by hitting as many people as possible.

The spell has a short casting spell and doesn't activate the effects on impact.

    Magic Damage per Second: 45 / 72.5 / 100 / 127.5 / 155 (+0.4 per ability power)

    Total Magic Damage: 90 / 145 / 200 / 255 / 310 (+0.8 per ability power)

    Slow: 20 / 28 / 36 / 44 / 52 %

Bullet Time (R)

(Active): Miss Fortune channels for 2 seconds to fire a wave of bullets in a cone in front of her every quarter of a second. She fires 8 waves in total and each wave will deal physical damage to all enemies caught in the area.

  • Cost: 150 mana
  • Range: 1400
Tips :

The cone of bullets.

Serious damage!!

   Even Neo couldn't dodge this!
The ultimate is quite difficult to place because you are quite exposed and static. Try to move away and behind your team so that you can hit as many opponents as possible.

You can also cast the spell from a bush to have the element of surprise!

The range of the ultimate is very big, however it is in the shape of a cone so the opponent could dash/flash to one side to avoid it if he is not next to a wall!

The idea is to place the ultimate when your opponent is by a wall to reduce his chances of getting out of its path.

Doesn't apply the effects on impact.

    Cooldown: 120 / 110 / 100 seconds

    Physical Damage Per Wave: 65 / 95 / 125 (+0.45 per bonus attack damage) (+0.2 per ability power)

    Maximum Physical Damage: 520 / 760 / 1000 (+3.60 per bonus attack damage) (+1.6 per ability power)


- A very good burst and holds the lane well

- An ultimate that does a lot of damage, if well placed

- Heal debuff to harass in the lane

- Good mobility thanks to the passive


- Like all AD carry she is weak

- Doesn't have an escape

- You depend a lot on your positioning in team fights