Negative Food Production

TIME :2022-07-03
Game of War Food Tile Trap

Negative Food Production

Many players are concerned about having negative Food production. Don't worry it's not so bad and your troops won't die!

Good things about negative Food Production

  1. No Troops will die!
  2. Nothing bad will happen to your Stronghold or anything in it!
  3. Your Food will simply stay at zero.
  4. If you are not hyper farming Food, you are hyper farming some other Resource that is more valuable than Food and you can trade with another Food producer in your Alliance.

Implications with negative Food Production

  1. If someone sends you Food, you gather Food, or you loot Food it will decline at the rate of negative Food Production you have.
  2. If you request Food from your bank, they may not give it to you unless you are online and can use right away. Otherwise, you are just wasting the Alliance's Food.