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TIME :2022-07-03

Evolution: Battle for Utopia Cheats & Hack for Diamonds, Gems, Biofuel & Steel

Looking for an RPG, action, and strategy all packed into one game? We have found the game for you. Brought to you by My.Com, Evolution: Battle for Utopia has come out. All you need to do to start playing this fun-packed game is by downloading it through an iOS or Android device. Start by going over the interface, seeing where everything leads before deciding to start a new game. Start by naming yourself and allow Battle For Utopia to lead you through a short tutorial that will show you the basic aspects of the game that will help you get started on your, well, Battle for Utopia!

To start off, the story of Battle for Utopia starts out something like this. You are the commander of your team and you try to travel to a somewhere called Utopia. If you know the meaning of Utopia, it’s obvious to why you would be flying there, but if you don’t know the definition of Utopia, then I’ll tell you why you would fly there. Utopia is a world where everything is in perfect harmony. Utopia is a place where there are no wars or fighting, but perfect peace between humans alike as well as animals. It is essentially the ideal place to live. So back to the game. With your team and yourself, you are sent on a mission to discover what has gone wrong with Utopia. In the previous years, past scientists have attempted to go to Utopia, but never have reported back after supposedly landing there. While you enter the atmosphere of Utopia, you get shot from below and you start crash landing towards the surface of Utopia. Upon landing relatively safely, even though I’m not sure how everyone survives a crash landing from all the way up from the atmosphere, you attempt to begin building with your team and as well as your guide, a robotic-like dog as someone who will keep you company throughout your journey.

After you land the ship, you are guided towards the beginning of where you, the player, get to begin the action that you have been waiting for. To begin with, you look to see your crashed ship as well as the area around the ship. Your ever so helpful companion, the dog, senses enemies near the ship. After surveying the area, you find there to be several spiders that lurk between the area. Without the help of your missing teammates, you must fight your way out of the area and destroy the spiders without dying yourself.

During your fights against enemies, you will face off against them in a kind of mid bird’s eye view/character view. It’s similar to a ton of those car driving games where you get to look at your car as well as a bit of the surrounding areas. So in Battle for Utopia, you will get to see about a couple enemies while you’re fighting them and get to see the projectiles that they throw at you. Through the tutorial, Battle For Utopia explains to you, the expectations and commands so that you are able to shoot, reload, as well as shield yourself against the oncoming enemy gunfire or projectiles that they throw at you. After you have killed all of the enemies, the game goes through a stage where it shows you a new screen about the experience that you gained through defeating the enemy as well as what you may have gotten when the enemy died and what it dropped after it died. In this case, the spiders will have dropped a couple items as well as given you experience for defeating them. You then can use these items whenever you may need them or decide to sell them for something better.

After you go through a couple more fights as well as locate your friends, you get to go back to the ship that you crashed as well as do a little bit of reorganizing and renovating in order to bring the ship into a good place to sleep in at night. Everybody knows that in order to survive in the wild, there must be shelter. So after you manage to create shelter out of the ship, your next job will have to be on management of your resources on hand as well as beginning to plan out how this investigation is going to go through.

Battle for Utopia uses several aspects of other games to make it successful. First of all, the view of the character during battle is used to simulate a battle where you control the character and have a good vision on dodging projectiles. This view is only used during combat, while the other view of a 2d-like map is used for structuring as well as planning out the areas that need to be explored next. Another aspect that Battle For Utopia uses is the buildings that the game allows you to build throughout the game. For example, the game allows you to build a couple of buildings for technology such as the research facility and a helipad. In order to build these buildings, like other games, you must wait a decent amount of time in order to get the game going and get the buildings ready to go. That means using resources in order to begin building each structure as well as waiting the amount of time needed in order for the buildings to complete the process. Unlike other similar games, however, those buildings can’t be placed in a strategic position to how you would like it, but rather are arranged based on the building. So specific buildings already go in predetermined places, meaning that you don’t have too much of a choice on where you can place your buildings.

In order to interact with the game, all you need to do is to tap where you want to go or tap on a building in order to see the details on the structure to see what you can improve. For the combat, this will depend on how fast you are to reacting to projectiles that are thrown at you in game. It is also based on timing, so if you think you have those skills, you may be pretty good at the game. For timing, you must rely on being able to throw grenades at the enemy as well as you a couple of special abilities that you may receive in the game. Some of these may be getting a pinpoint accuracy shot that will do more damage to the enemy. It could also be having the ability to quickly tap on the enemy in order to get more shots off. There are several different types of enemies that you must face in this game, so you must learn which enemies fire which projectiles as well as how to avoid each of those projectiles. Enemies also fire in stages, meaning that every couple of seconds, they fire off a round of projectiles that are aimed either at you, or around you. By learning the projectiles and the stages of the projectiles, you can avoid, as well as time your attacks perfectly so that minimal dodging is necessary and maximum damage is being given without having to take damage.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia Cheats & Hack for Diamonds, Gems, Biofuel & Steel

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is an action-packed RPG, but you need a lot of steel, biofuel, gems, and diamonds in order to progress through the game and get items. You can get these needed items through the app store, but it costs real money, and you will soon learn this gets really expensive. If you are looking for a way to get the steel, gems, diamonds, and biofuel for free, then simply download our hack tool.

If you look at the image found below, you will see how easy the hack tool for Evolution: Battle for Utopia is to use. When you see the options menu, just enter the amounts of each item that you want to add to your account.


First, download the free Evolution: Battle for Utopia items generator, which is found right here on the website. You will notice that it automatically installs after downloading, and both the download and install take around 20 seconds each. Then, select either iOS or Android depending on your device. You will at that point be able to input how many of each item you want to add to your account.

Finally, tap on “Start” to begin the Evolution: Battle for Utopia hack tool, which should take no more than 30 seconds to complete. You then just load up the game as you typically would, and the items will already be in your account. Using our free hack tool allows you to get the items you need for free, and puts more enjoyment into the game.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia Cheats and Tips

For the actual battle portion in the game, you have to face several different types of enemies, that’s why, like I said above, you must memorize the monsters that you’re facing and learn how to counter them. This comes through practice as well as a bit of memorization from your part in order to try and out mind the enemy. Whenever you are in battle, you have to target an enemy, but in Battle for Utopia, the targeting is already done for you, which means that you get to not have to tap on the enemy before you start attacking and it will attack automatically once you get in range of the enemy. Second of all, a good tactic to always use, is to tap the enemy again so that you start draining their health faster because you attack faster after you tap on them again.


In order to get down the timing to perfection in Battle for Utopia, you have to change who you’re targeting so that you can get maximum damage for each bullet that you are firing out of your magazine. This means that you have to constantly tap back and forth between enemies so that you get to shoot both of them at relatively the same time. If the enemy begins to throw nades at you, you have the ability to stop them in their path by catching them. To catch nades that are thrown at you, which deal a ton of damage, you have to tap them once they get into range. After you tap on them, they go down without you taking damage from the nades. After you get farther in the game and you can change weapons, try to tap on the new weapon while you have the perfect shot up in order to deal a ton of damage.


If you look at the Battle for Utopia wiki page, you can go ahead and see where you have the ability to look up a bunch of different guns and weapons that are to use at your disposal once you purchase them. So look on their wiki page if you want more information, or you’re trying to look for the perfect gun that is suited to your style and how you want to face off against enemies. There is also another benefit to using the wiki page. If you are stuck at some enemies and want to know how to avoid them, the wiki page does a decent job of explaining how exactly to avoid those enemies while also giving you the best opportunity to defeat them with the right gun in hand.

What this game comes down to, is having enough resources in order to continue upgrading your base as well as continue progressing through the game. To do this, you have to continue researching and constructing so that you can keep up with the difficulty of the game. Although the progress to finish the game is rather slow, it’s worth it. If you have some money that you can spend, you can also quicken the process of the buildings to make life easier.

The first thing that you should when you want to create a good group of people that you can fight along with, is to upgrade all the weapons that you have so that your party will have the strongest weapons so that it’s easier to kill the enemy. If you do this, the game will be much easier because killing enemies will be easier and that will ultimately make the game easier.

A good tip to know is that whenever you are closer to the enemy you are trying to kill, you do more damage to the enemy if you get closer to it. So when you are right in front of the enemy, you will do more damage to the enemy than if you were a mile away from them.

Whenever you are a fair distance away from the enemies, try and throw a grenade because grenades will surpass the shields that the enemy puts up when he goes back in retreat. This will give you the best method in order to destroy the enemies in your way.

Time your attacks well between each stage of the enemy fire. After the enemy shoots out a projectile, there is a cooldown period that you can use in order to strike back without taking damage. This will allow you to deal damage while not taking damage. In order to do this better, you have to learn the enemies stages so that you know when you can start attacking the enemy without retaliation.


If you are waiting to build one of your research bases or something like that, and it’s taking a bit long to complete, try and use one of these cheats in order to get past that hurdle and continue playing. Set your phone clock ahead of time in order to complete the building process. This works because the phone thinks that whatever time you set is the time that passed before you set the time. So that means that the certain amount of time that passed has passed in the game.

In order to reload a bit quicker in Evolution: Battle for Utopia, due to the fact that the game has a bit of glitch where when you tap early, you will be able to load a bit quicker. This will also mean that the damage bonus area will also work a bit better for you.

Evolution: Battle for Utopia Review

Where Battle for Utopia really shines is in the whole story of the game. With the pre set up scenes that guide you to where you are at the time, it really gives you some excitement to actually find out what’s going on in Utopia. The only cutscene isn’t just the beginning, but rather that it’s piled throughout the game so that it’s like a never ending adventure that you get to go through, rather than some free play game where you get to do whatever you want after you finish the tutorial. It makes the game more of an adventure rather than a repetitive game. If you have ever played a game like Kingdom Hearts, you know what I am talking about. First of all, there are a bunch of cutscenes throughout that keep the game going and makes it so that everything isn’t so text based to the point where it’s more like a comic. It shows that the producers actually put a decent amount of time into making the game into a decent one.

Where Battle for Utopia lacks, it doesn’t exactly have the best format when it comes to the difference between the two different views that you get. Instead of having a 2D when you aren’t fighting, they should make it like a 2D transparent window comes up where you can navigate through and make buildings in order to start creating your empire, rather than completely changing the screen from 3D to 2D once you get out of battle. The 3D is really nice and a fn change to the classic games, so they should really aim to keep it that way.

Also, when it comes to actually battling, the app store images show a bunch of fighting where the game is more animated in the pictures than it is in the actual game, making it a bit misleading when people start playing the game. You shouldn’t be misleading, but I guess that the game producers really needed a good game base to start off with, and adding in a couple features in the pictures is one way to get more people interested in playing the game.

A couple of complaints of the game have called this game out for not having enough patch notes so that there are fewer crashes that occur during the game. So while this game is pretty active and full of action, it’s also a bit passive in the direction of construction of your town.


Artwork: I would rate Evolution: Battle for Utopia a 8/10. The artwork in this game is pretty good, whether you’re in the 2D screen or the 3D screen. In the 3D screen, the character is decently detailed and the distinctness between the monsters is obvious so that you know who you are facing. The artwork on your characters and teammates is visually appealing and really adds to the excitement of the game. If the game had a couple of pixels to make up the characters like you see in other games, I don’t think that the game would have been successful. The details of Battle for Utopia remind me of the artwork for World of Warcraft which is really impressive seeing as how the details in World of Warcraft is famous and requires much more space on the computer than Battle for Utopia does on the phone.

Music and SFX: I would rate Evolution: Battle for Utopia a 7/10. The music is pretty good and makes the game more exciting. I wouldn’t change the music for the game because it adds a feeling of drive and competitiveness to Battle for Utopia. It makes it kind of eerie in that you don’t know what’s out there or you’re lost and trying to find your way out. The SFX is also pretty decent, but nothing out of the ordinary. The sound effects for getting hit and killing the enemy are pretty satisfying, but aren’t over the edge in terms of making it over dramatic to the point where it becomes more of a joke than anything.

Story and Originality: I would rate Evolution: Battle for Utopia a 9/10. The story is really well developed throughout the whole game and not just the beginning of the game like most other games that have a similar format. Instead of having all the video and previously made stuff happen in the beginning and then letting you free play the rest of it through text chat, it still has a couple of scenes where it plays out for you, a couple of animations for you to watch. This makes the story feel much more like a story rather than making it a text based game where the whole story is told to you through a couple of chat boxes. The originality is what brings it down a bit. Although it’s pretty unique in the way that it is presented, overall, it’s not a particularly new concept. Almost all of the console games and PC games have this kind of aspect to it. So I can’t exactly say that this is a unique concept, but it is unique when it comes down to the App store.

General Gameplay: I would rate Evolution: Battle for Utopia a 6/10. The ability to dodge and time your attacks well enough to the point where it requires a bit of skill, without making the game too hard for people who aren’t as good at the game is the perfect balance of difficulty and skill level needed to play the game well. This is really a positive aspect to the game. The only reason that I give it a low rating for gameplay, is that I don’t like the building aspect of the game. Having to wait for long periods of time before you buildings complete construction is a really boring aspect and makes the game feel more slow and it should be. It should be more of a action packed game that doesn’t stop you from making progress on the way there.

Addictiveness: I would rate Evolution: Battle for Utopia a 8/10. I think it is pretty freaking addicting but with a bit of slowness on the part of the building. That could draw people away from the game after a certain amount of time when building times begin to get pretty long after upgrading them a few times. Other than that, the gameplay and artwork of Evolution: Battle for Utopia make it pretty addicting and fun to play.

Overall Rating: Overall, I would rate Evolution: Battle for Utopia a 8/10 for its story.