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Samurai Siege: Top 10 Tips and Cheats, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the Samurai Siege top 10 tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

5) Progress through the single player quest battles to unlock new troops and buildings.
Unlike other games of this type, you can’t unlock the advanced troops just by paying big money to upgrade the dojo. You have to complete the quest modes in order to get the more advanced troops in the game. Ditto for the stronger and more advanced defensive buildings.

4) Use the Blacksmith and the Ancient Temple to upgrade troops.
When you upgrade a troop using one of these two buildings, every troop that you currently have in your practice yard will benefit if they are the troop type that you just upgraded. You can get a LOT further with your favorite troops by doing this. Unlock the Blacksmith on the map, and the Ancient Temple by repairing it (it’s already on your map).

3) Want to fight some easier battles? Intentionally drop your honor by throwing battles.
Miss the days when you could collect 80,000 coins and 90,000 essence off of some poorly defended by very wealthy base? You can have them back. Just intentionally lose a bunch of multiplayer battles by under-training troops, in as short of a succession as possible. Send a few ninjas so you can even get some resources for your trouble and lose anyways. If you think you are gonna win, then resign before you hit one star or before the castle is destroyed, whichever comes first. Then start annihilating easier players and load up on resources!

2) Buy a third carpenter using your diamonds.
Diamonds are plentiful initially but they go quickly and then when they go, they never come back. While you still have them, upgrade your carpenter shack to buy a third carpenter, and even a fourth if you have the diamonds for it. You’ll be able to get EVERYTHING done at twice the speed (due to more upgrades being possible at once), all for free.

1) Keep your Practice Yards maxed out and fully upgraded.
Winning battles is asm uch about numbers as it is strategy. Put the numbers in your favor by loading up on practice yards, then leveling them up. With enough practice yards, even a “zergrush” strategy of sending out tons of Samurai can destroy almost anybody, and “flooding the opposing base with insane numbers of troops” becomes a viable attack strategy.