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The Hunger Games: Panem Rising – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

The Hunger Games: Panem Rising is a new card battling RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This one starts in the middle of the beginnings of the rebellion against President Snow, so your quest will be to explore from district to district, battling Peacekeepers and other associated enemies, collecting coins and sparks, and recruiting new fighters for your rebellion. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Hunger Games: Panem Rising!

Being that this is a card battling game, there are multiple ways to upgrade your character. Enhancing, the most basic one, allows you to sacrifice up to six unneeded cards in order to earn experience points for another card. Your best bet here is to use two-star cards as sacrifice fodder because you will get more experience points in exchange.

The other is to evolve a card. Cards can be evolved anywhere between one and three times depending on rarity, and this is done when you have two identical cards. One card is sacrificed to evolve the other. Make sure to enhance both cards first so that you can get extra stat boosts during the evolution, increasing the base stats greatly. They don’t have to be enhanced to max level, as that’s time consuming and expensive, but at least enhance them to a minimum level of 7-10 first.

Organize your teams based on possible team bonuses. Go to a character’s profile and tap on the diamond shaped icon that pops up at the bottom part of the profile to see what the bonuses applicable for that character are, and what other characters you need in the same party in order to complete the bonus combination. High bonuses can more than make up for weak cards, and can be more effective than even having loads of rare cards.

Make sure to get every drop available in each district. There are specific drops for each level in the district. A drop that you have yet to find will show up as a “?” on the map screen. Once you have every drop in a district, you’ll earn a rare card bonus, as well as other goods such as a boost to power and endurance.

Once you get past the communications center in District 3 you will unlock the stadium, where you can battle against other players. Card combos, evolving and enhancing are doubly important here, because other players will be doing the exact same thing. If you need to find where your weak link in a battle is, resist the temptation to skip it and watch the battle. You should be able to easily find where your strengths and weaknesses are by watching and analyzing.