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Card King: Dragon Wars – How to earn more Dragon Coins

Dragon Coins are the most common currency in Card King: Dragon Wars. They are used for crafting, evolving, and powering up your cards, so they are very useful overall. Despite their commonness though, you never seem to have enough of them to do what you really want to do in this game, such as powering up using the Dieclops. Read on to find out how to get more Dragon Coins in Card King: Dragon Wars!

The tavern is your main source of them at first. Fight more and more battles in the tavern and you will earn more and more of them. The more stars that you earn in a battle, the more coins that you can earn. Also, the tougher battles are more likely to earn you a greater number of coins, so fight the tougher battles. As you rank up, you can unlock more sources of coins.

Before that, though, be sure to complete the daily challenges. All of the main missions will generally earn you only Dragon Stones. Daily missions, though, will have a good chance at earning you Dragon Coins. So every day, look in the missions folder to see what pops up. They will refresh at midnight your local time.

Once you hit level 8 or so you unlock the dungeons. Most of the dungeons will earn you runes as the primary reward, while earning you a moderate amount of Dragon Coins. Wait until the Saturday dungeons start, though, because these ones will earn you MASSIVE amounts of coins. These battles are tough, but play and win for a gigantic reward.

You will unlock the arena too as you rank up, which allows you to fight in PvP battles. Check the rewards for the current battle season at the arena. Many of the league ranks will allow you to win Dragon Coins, and LARGE numbers of them, as a reward for winning in the arena. And when the current season ends, if you are at the right rank, you will earn a huge number of coins.

At rank 10 you’ll unlock the “sell” area which allows you to sell unwanted cards and runes in exchange for Dragon Coins. However, unfortunately, none of these coin rewards are usually very good. All of the other methods of earning coins tend to be far better, and your unwanted creature cards are best saved for powering up other cards.