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Minecraft: Armour Guide, Recipes and Stats – Diamond, Golden, Iron and Leather

The Armour Guide

Let's sum up the different armour crafting recipes depending on the kind of material and the piece desired. You'll notice that the layout is very simple and only changes in terms of the material from which it is made:

• Leather armour 


• Golden armour


• Chainmail armour

(cannot be crafted outside of the creative mode but can be found in dungeons or from certain NPCs)


• Iron armour


• Diamond armour


Defence points

Of course, the defence points of a piece of armour vary depending on the quality of the material as well as the area it protects. As such, a leather helmet is a lot less protective than an iron chestplate, for example. The level of protection goes as follows:

Material Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots Full Set  Leather                 Golden                    Chainmail                    Iron                       Diamond                          

Durability Points

Finally, these pieces of armour are not eternal, the following table shows the durability points of each of them. These represent the number of hits a piece can take before giving up the ghost:

Material Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots  Leather 56 81 76 66  Golden 78 113 106 92  Chainmail 166 241 226 196  Iron 166 241 226 196  Diamond 364 529 496 430