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Minecraft: Top 10 Sci Fi Constructions - Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars

Minecraft, the final frontier

In Minecraft, everything is possible, and science fiction fans have everything they need to recreated their favourite worlds, whether they are from books, films, television series, games or their own imaginations. The content of the game (and the time that certain players spend on it) is limitless, as we can see from this little round up of the best spaceships, robots and futuristic inventions we can find on the net.  

1 - Star Trek Enterprise

Although other versions of this famous Star Trek vessel have been built on a scale of 1:1, and are consequently of an absolutely astronomical size, this creation by Zinnsee is particularly impressive because not only has it been created in survival mode (for those who prefer the original game mode), but you can also explore all of the interior which you can see here.

Minecraft Star Trek Enterprise

2 - Battlestar Galactica

This stunning reconstruction has been built by Ragnur Le Barbare from more than 5 million blocks! You can see the process of constructing the outer shell here.

Minecraft Battlestar Galactica

3 - The Millenium Falcon

The spaceship flown by Han Solo and his co-pilot Chewbacca. This iconic element from the first of the Star Wars films has been built by Birchbeater on a scale of 5:1 with the aid of 113 538 blocks.

Minecraft Millenium Falcon

4 - USS Voyager

This 1:1 scale model of the USS Voyager includes 15 bridges like the original and, although incomplete, its builder euml is working on finishing off the interior. 

Minecraft USS Voyager

5 - The Avengers Helicarrier

This faithful reconstruction of the vessel seen in the Joss Whedon film has been created by Corones who has carefully built not only the exterior but also the command rooms and even the planes that take off from the platform.

Minecraft Avengers Helicarrier

6 - Gundam

This striking model is from the Japanese animation franchise that features giant robots, or mechas, called Gundam. A creation from Divici.

Minecraft Gundam

7 - Terminator

Straight out of one of the classic action/science fiction films of the 1980s, this huge statue is non other than the eponymous protagonist of the film by James Cameron.

Minecraft Terminator

8 - Star Wars Cruiser

This cruiser is one of the many accurate reconstructions of the space vessels that have been conceived by PrimoSuperT as part of the Star Wars Vehicle Collection. The map contains a range of small and large, ground and space vehicles, which for the most part can be found in the Clone Wars.

Minecraft Star Wars Cruiser

9 - US Space Shuttle

Although we have a real ship this time, and not a fictional creation, the American space shuttle features on our list as a source of inspiration for certain sci fi creations (but also due to its very realistic representation). Can you guess where its creator crpeh is from?

Minecraft Space Shuttle

10 - Babylon 5 Whitestar

This recreation of the space ship from the American series Babylon 5 is approximately to a scale of 1:1 at a length of 250 metres. Its createur Swiffo built the enormous craft mainly with the use of ice blocks. 

Minecraft Babylon 5 Whitestar