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Minecraft: Top 10 Famous Monuments - Notre-Dame, Disney World, Tower Bridge

The 10 Wonders of the Minecraft World

Beyond the great many fantasy creations that have been imagined by players in Minecraft, many have attempted to recreate real, well known buildings, mausoleums, statues and other famous places. Some of these builders have shown an incredible attention to detail in the reproduction of these monuments, to scale, including the interiors. Lets take a look at the best creations to be found in the game, on one server or another.

1 - Disney World

Revisit the world of Walt Disney, thanks to the 100 members of the mcMagic server who have done some fantastic work in recreating the 4 different Disney theme parks on a scale of 1:1.

Minecraft Disneyland

2 - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

One of the seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon have been recreated by Gralex with a lot of attention paid to the trees and details.

Minecraft Jardins Suspendus de Babylone

3 - The Giza Necropolis

This reproduction of the great pyramids of Egypt is magnificent. The interiors have also been carefully reproduced to include the rooms and corridors of the original.

Minecraft Nécropole de Gizeh

4 - The Santiago-Bernabéu Stadium

Football fans will surely recognise this place, meticulously reproduced, that gives you the feeling of really being inside the stadium in Madrid.

Minecraft Santiago-Bernabéu

5 - Tower Bridge

This model of the famous bridge that crosses the River Thames has been built by Geroo using photos and 3D models and is a very realistic copy.

Minecraft Tower Bridge

6 - The Empire State Building

This iconic New York building has been recreated many times, but this is without doubt the most exact and detailed version in Minecraft of the famous skyscraper build in the '30s.

Minecraft Empire State Building

7 - The Lighthouse of Alexandria

Another monument from the ancient world, the Lighthouse of Alexandria now only exists in Minecraft thanks to the talent of Trevorgoo. 

Minecraft Le phare d'Alexandrie

8 - Notre Dame de Paris

This reproduction of the famous gothic cathedral has been built by Jaepertheone, and although it is not very colourful, this model is incredibly detailed. As if Quasimodo were about to appear between two gargoyles!

Minecraft Notre Dame

9 - The Taj Mahal

No doubt one of the most iconic monuments of the modern world, we have the Indian mausoleum. This pixel Taj Mahal, built in a week by Chachamonkey, although not to scale, is still a very good reconstruction.

Minecraft Taj Mahal

10 - Mount Rushmore

The famous American monument has been resculpted by rcpongo using a 3D model. Discover the four faces of the famous American Presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, carved nto the rock.  

Minecraft Mont Rushmore