The Largest Zeroing Event in GoW History

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The Largest Billion Power Player Zeroed

Ever since core gear was introduced to the game, spenders have been competing to see who can zero the largest billion power player. Some notable alliances who have achieved this incredible feat of teamwork are:

(B:S) Blue Killers

(D:V) Divine Vengeance

(LT~) Legendary TIT

(sO ) SupremeOrder

(NJG) Nijas of GLADII

Until now (D:V) held the record of zeroing the largest player with 4.5 billion power. Although, the crown now goes to (B:S) Blue Killers & friends. It took them,

100,000,000 Tier 4 Troops (use the Troop Calculator to find out how many resources and speed ups this costed...)

2 Hours

40 Rallies

to take down (DC~) Raven DC who had 5,474,203,610 power. Here are some before and after screenshots:


That comes out to a power loss of 4,703,840,154. #yikes

Let's see some battle reports

Raven started with 177 million troops...........

First Hit

firsthit firthitreport

Second Hit / Third Hit

secondhit thirdhit

Other Hits

157mhit 6mkill 161mhit 195mhit

Cavalry Stats

cavstats1 cavstats2

Ranged Stats

rangestats1 rangestats2 

Final Hit


Who will zero the next largest player? Is your alliance up the for the challenge?



p.s. The account was banned and in research gear at the time of zeroing, although I still think this is similar to zeroing a player offline. You be the judge of whether it's impressive or not.