4 Piece Core Strategy for Traps


4 Piece Core Strategy for Trap Accounts

This Core strategy article is geared towards that mid-range Trap Account that has some Core Research done and might even have 1 Preset unlocked.  I would highly recommend if you are a Trap Account in the 200-600 Mil range, to Research Crafting to at least the 4th Piece and at minimum 1 Preset.  It will greatly increase your chances of success as a Trap Account that much better.  However, even if you don’t have Presets, this article will still help even the Solo Trap Accounts on 4 Piece Cores.

Four Piece Cores can be very effective when taking hits or Rallies.  When Cores first came out, Relics and 4 Piece Cores were pretty close to even , but now that there are all kinds of new Cores with Debuffs and Troop specific bonuses, 4 Piece Cores are now much stronger than Relics.  That being said, Relics are still better than normal gear especially in the newer Kingdoms that might not have all the new Gear yet.

So, if you are a mid-range Trap Account with 1 or 2 Presets unlocked and have some Core Research done, here are a few really solid Core setups.  If you are a small Solo Trap, you can still use these too, and if you are a mid range big that wants some good tile hitting Cores, these will also work.

Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-09-44 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-16-01 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-16-14 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-18-37 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-22-18 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-26-52 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-32-39 Screenshot_2015-05-14-16-35-50

Imgur album that includes bonus details on all these Cores.

Core Strategy: Bonuses to Focus On

Get the numbers for these boosts higher than what you have in your Regular Gear. It takes time, so don't try rush it.

  • Attack
  • Health
  • Defense
  • Debuffs

Learn more about the effectiveness of each of these bonuses, and thus how they will affect your Core strategy, from our Battle Tested articles.

The Core I am setting up is very basic, it probably won’t be the best combos either, but will give you an idea of what 4 Piece Cores can do compared to Regular Gear.

Core Strategy: Excel Sheet of Core Bonus Data

You can saw the Pieces and stats I made the Cores with in the screen shots above, but I also made it much easier to read in an excel sheet as you can see below.  Please take into consideration, this is only the stats of the Cores, and it does not include your Hero’s stats or Gems being included.  The overall stats will be much higher once equipped on your Hero stats and once you have Gemmed it.  I would suggest using Attack Gems like the Rose, Hallow, and Spring Gems and fill in the rest with Health and Defense Gems.

4 piece core trap account

I included specific Troop Attacks and Troop Defenses in the Core as well, which not only boosts my total Defense and Attacks, but also helps if they send 1 specific Troop type at you.

These numbers are better than most peoples Regular Gear in the game with Gems, especially in the newer Kingdoms.   I hope the screen shots and the excel sheet gives you guys and gals an example of what is possible with even 4 Piece Cores.

Spend some time in the Core Crafting section and play around with different combos and perfect your personal Core strategy.  I tried to use very basic Cores and Pieces in these examples.  I know there are better combinations out there.  Don’t worry if you don’t have all the pieces I used in these examples.  You can use all level 5 Cores and Pieces, that’s what makes making Cores fun.

Happy Hunting in the next kvk!  Let me know if you used Cores when you Trap or tile hit in the next KvK and how it went compared to using your Regular Gear.

Contributed by General Bow

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