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Slashy Souls Guides and Tips

Slashy Souls Guides and Tips


One of the top games from Namcom wherein you will experience defeating monsters, drinking potions and die on your own time. The game is result from the collaboration of both GameStop and Banda Namco to bring us a free game inspired by the world of Dark Souls III. To your main adventure is to travel further than any other as you try desperately to fight for your life. So this is about a challenge between death and life and claim your everlasting victory against beasts and abominations that roaming around your land. On your way you can grab power-ups that will help you a lot in beating your enemies.

For overall feature, you are able to enjoy a challenging, and endless gameplay. The same with apps developed by Namco and GameStop, you will greatly enjoy awesome graphics with different weapons for your character to use. The game is challenging as ever since you are travel with overwhelming obstacles and traps and different bosses that will come on your way. And ultimately to keep you on playing and spending hours, there are variety of achievements, as well as leaderboards just waiting to be climbed and that will makes everyone to compete in this game. Now if you want to try your best playing this game, you can check some tips and tricks below:

1. Consider to use rolls as part of your defensive maneuvers. As your primary control, you can swipe to either left or right to make your character roll in that direction. Actually the best thing with rolling is that you can use it as part of your defensive system. By doing a role you can evade attacks quickly, as blocking takes some time. So from here you can say that Rolling should be your primary method of defense, so you should try to get used to it. Just be careful since there is a dark fog creeping up behind you the entire time, so don’t just roll back to far or else you will roll right into the fog.

2. Look for weapons. This is actually annoying since weapons come very rarely especially powerful weapons to spawn. These will boost your arsenal and also the best of all is your range. So you need to look for it as these weapons are usually hidden on the higher paths, probably on some platforms. So make sure to take the higher path when you see it coming up.

3. Learn the control. The game is kind of throws you straight into the action, so here are the possible actions you can do while learning and understanding it will give you an advantage:

Swipe left or right. Just like what we mentioned above, this action will let your character do roll in corresponding direction. This is perfect for avoiding enemy attacks quickly just like what we mentioned above.

Tap. This is your common action in game, to attack using your weapon.

Tap and Hold. Just like your offensive move, blocking is also important and this you can do by tapping and holding it for second.

4. Use spells effectively. Keep in mind that Spells in the souls universe are classified into different types. Well in this game there are different spells such as Great Fireball. This is perfect when shooting enemies in straight line in front of your. Aside from offensive spell there is also defensive spell such as Magic Shield that comes as blue, radiant shield. Upon activation it will give you invulnerability for a short period of time. Just save this as most of the time, this is a decision making between winning or losing the stage. Aside shield, there is also heal that works as support spell. This will recover all of your health upon using. Just keep in mind that these spells came from different schools of magic and you can hold one of each of these. So if you are about to run into an additional spell, you need to ensure to immediately use the spell it’s going to replace so you will not waste it.

5. Collect items on your way. As you continue making your journey you are able to pick up items alone the way including little yellow orbs that corresponds as orb. Upon collecting them it will give you a couple points. There is also a shiner which will give you even more points. And the most important are the little yellow flasks trewn about the levels or Estus Flasks. This is capable of restoring your health.

6. Do the jump attack. As you can see the most common monsters in the game are undead soldier. These mobs will approach you with their shied up. Actually this isn’t normally enough to stop an attack from you, but sometimes they can get a successful block in. So if you jump and attack, your character will do a jumping slash which is perfect in this scenario as you can bypass their shields.