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Anime Warriors Guides and Tips

Anime Warriors Guides and Tips


This game is perfect for anime lovers and they want to extend their interest with their mobile platform. Well in this game, you can join with your friends in the best cartoon style action role playing multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Yes you are able to play MOBA on your mobile game using your favorite anime heroes and build your team as well as challenging your friends in unique PvP, Adventure and PvE combat. So this is about one hundred classic Manga Heroes and the question is which heroes will you choose? Well if you already decided now, the next thing is to guide you so you will never have a problem in playing this game for a first time.

1. Always check the details for locations. If you got some hero stones but you don’t know where to get the rest of it, that is the time that you can check the details for locations. Just go to your bag and examine your hero stone and it will show you a list of areas where the stones can be acquired. This is very useful especially if you need to expand your team and you have some areas already unlocked. Just keep in mind that stones are usually only found in the Elite versions of level so just ensure you are up for the challenge.

2. Don’t forget to draw your free heroes. From daily draws, you have a chance to get free heroes from the daily draws. So what you need to do here is to draw cards section and take your pick. You can actually draw the base level of hero for free every ten minutes, up to five times in a day and that is really a big help. Just ensure to check back to make sure you don’t miss your free draws. This is actually the best ways to get heroes and hero stones.

3. Grind on previous levels. If you are having a problem with your current progress, you can go back and replay earlier levels and grind on it. Just try going back and revisiting earlier levels. Here you are able to acquire lots of experience for your team and if you are lucky enough you are able to find new wards to inlay. This is actually the best thing you can do if you want to improve your team by means of recruiting new members.

4. Don’t forget to inlay those wards. We mentioned this above which is actually important as wards are essential equipment pieces for your team. Well in this game, wards are equipped on a row by row basis meaning that you don’t need to equip ever hero of it. So if you equip the front row with gear, every hero in the front row will receive the bonuses. Meaning to say, inlaying wards is very important since once yo have a ward in each slot, you can permanently upgrade all of those stat boosts into the row. Just ensure to always check if you have any more wards to inlay for your team.

5. Take advantage with your joint attack. In this game, your two starting front line heroes, STraw Hat and FireFist have a very powerful joint attack (reference from One Piece). Here you will see Straw Hat inflates himself into a giant bowling bowl and FireFist are going to launches him at your enemies. This can inflict heavy but the downside here is that this technique requires both heroes special gauge to be filled. So just try to save it for bosses and powerful enemies.