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Genies and Gems Guides and Tips

Genies and Gems Guides and Tips


The game about granting your wishes in the spellbinding match-3 puzzle adventure that will deals on both Genis and Gems. In this game you will see that Thieves have stolen the palace treasure. And you as a main player you will help Jenni the geni ena dher fox named Trix as they journey through magical worlds in hope of finding those lost relics together with gold bars and enchanted keys. So in this game you are not only making matches but you need to do it with strategy as you need to make smart matches to stay on path while you are avoiding cursed stones as well as overcoming cages gems.

On your journey you need to collect keys to unlock new worlds as well as challenges which will extend your gameplay experience for Genies and Gems. You can also use the Gilded Butterfly or Gilded Rainbow so you can swiftly advance through challenging levels. As you continue making progress you are able to uncover idols and collect gold. Just make your way through hundreds of levels with lots of additional levels to come. Now to help you in your journey, we decided to share some tips and tricks for playing this game effectively.

1. Always find butterflies. You need to be a sharp-eye in finding butterflies. They are essentially free paws if you match them so you might even be better off if you can acquire them in game. Actually there are some levels where the paws will be blocked off from normal matching so from that moement, you may have to play this game. Else if you see some lying around just make sure to match for your faster progress.

2. Don’t forget to match special pieces. Upon matching four in a row, this create a Line Breaker. BAsed on the way they were created, that come either as horizontal or vertical lines insides. Upon successfully making a match from it, the line breakers will shoot out a beam that matches everything in the line. Aside from row, you can also match in a T shape which will create an X-breaker. This is capable of breaking too except that they detonate in a in X – like fashion. And ultimately matching in a L shape will create a special breaker. These breakers match everything surrounding them.

3. Take your time. Actually there is no time limit here the same with most match-3 puzzle game that you can play around. So take this as your advantage and just use time as your tricks. By means of thinking on proper time, you can execute the best moves for you. Though this sounds boring but it is better to start the game with this method and later on you will see that you can play the game in faster manner and yet you can complete it without have any problem.

4. You need to be very efficient with you action. This is the key for winning most match. Once you’ve cleared your objective, any left over moves will be transformed into special pieces on the board during Magic Time. So the more you have, the more pieces you get and thus the more points you are able to convert. Just try to be as efficient as you can with your moves there will be lots of left over on your board.

5. You can also make butterflies. In case that you are having trouble reaching certain paw pieces but there are not butterflies in sight, technically you may want to consider making your own. First you need to match in a square formation, and you will see that the pieces will turn into a butterfly pieces. This is really helpful to remember if you are stuck working with a couple of pieces of a small amount of room.