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RuneScape 3 Game Guide & Walkthrough

In the guide to RuneScape youll find all information necessary for start playing in the world of Gielinor - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In the guide to RuneScape you'll find all information necessary for start playing in the world of Gielinor.

This guide contains:

  • Description of the first logging in and creating of the character
  • Detailed description of interface and in-game changes
  • Detailed description of game mechanics and quests
  • List of all possible in-game activities
  • General description of maps and locations
  • System of minigames and events
  • Description of micropayment system

RuneScape is a web browser MMORPG, first published in 2003 for PC. It's based on free-to-play system with usage of different micropayments and memberships. The game takes place in fantasy world of Gielinor, where you have a lot of quests, activities and interactions between players.The last expansion, RuneScape 3, includes a whole new interface, locations and abilities. The game was also improved in technical and graphical way. Based on HTML5 is also now available at the mobile devices. You can play in web browser or install the game on your hard drive.

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Thats how the character creating window looks like in RuneScape - Character creating - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

That's how the character creating window looks like in RuneScape. As the game doesn't offer any particular class, you can't choose any. You can design your hero in a way that suits you, but it only matters for how he/she looks like. You can define a gender, skin color, clothes and face.

During the game you can choose between three the most common playstyles:

  • Mage
  • Warrior
  • Archer

Everyone of them has its specific abilities and you can change the style in the every moment of the game. So, while you're playing as a Mage, you can leave your magical equipment in any moment, pick up a bow and start being an Archer. It's a very universal way for playing, while you don't have to begin from the start or create a new character. The change is made when you like it, in the random moment of the game. You can also achieve max level of abilities for all playstyles.

When you create a hero, youll see a log in window - Character creating - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

When you create a hero, you'll see a log in window. Here you can choose what you're interested in.

  • Player Info - Main information, mostly about security and a membership
  • World Select - Choosing the world of the game. You can move between worlds and play on different servers in the every moment. Flags stand for the dominant language for the particular server
  • Friends - List of friends and connected options
  • Friends Chat - In-game conversation between friends
  • Clan Chat - For clan chat
  • Options - Just options

Changes in the third part of RuneScape are cosmetic - Interface - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Changes in the third part of RuneScape are cosmetic. Interface has become more friendly and allows you for a full manipulation. In every moment you can change settings of placing the main windows like chat, minimap or skill bar. You can move them freely, change their size or even add new bars if you need to.

Interface is as following - Interface - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Interface is as following. In every moment you can change the position of those windows however suits you.

1. All available game options as follows:

  • Hero - Your hero description, his stats, skills, list of pets and achieveents. You can look through skills randomly and set them on the main bar, check your achievements and look at the requirements for another ones.
  • Gear - Equipment and backpack. Here you can adjust the look of your hero (in every moment of the game). You can also look at your things, change weapons, armor and other stuff. You can also switch titles, face and watch at the animations of skills.
  • Adventures - Bookmark with quests, minigames, challenges and events. Here you can find available quests or challenges, where to begin them, what is required for them and what is the prize. Here you can also read about world events, like the biggest one Battle Of Lumbridge or PvP event (Player vs Player)
  • Powers - All your powers and in-fight skills. They are divied onto defensive, ranged, magic, short distanced and prayers. You can train all of those in the random moment. You get better skills, you have to level up them - what you gain by training. You can also attach them to the main skillbar used in the fight by particular keys.
  • Social - Bookmark for adjusting chat and looking at the results of global events.
  • Options - Adjusting main graphic and sound options.

2. Main chat. All options connected with chat. From main news through friend chat up to the options of chat filters.

3. Main skillbar. Here you find attached skills, level of charged skills, health bar and prayers.

4. Minimap, the general navigation tool. Here you find an icon of map, which you can look through always and mark your own paths. You find here also a level of hero's energy and teleport icon.

5. Window with accepted quest and general information about the current mission.

The main thing in RuneScape is to make quests - Quests description - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The main thing in RuneScape is to make quests. Thanks to them you gain levels and new, better equipment. Quests in the game are divided due to the difficulty and complexity. The most difficult ones (5 lvl) require from you thinking and dealing with particular in-game elements. Good example is illustrated on the screen above. To complete it, you have to use your Cooking and Thieving. Of course, you can always look into your journal to check whether you lack of something or where you can find a particular item or task.

Rewards depend on and are connected with the quests. For example, if you finish the quest with Cooking, you'll get leveled up in that skill.

RuneScape differs heavily from the standard MMO games. In here, you don't have to spend hours on endless killing of monsters. Quests are thought thoroughly and rewards meaningful. Every quest gives you also quest points. It's a measure of difficulty level required and requirements for another quests.

In some quests, youll get markers on the road and a map - Quests description - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

In some quests, you'll get markers on the road and a map. It's a simplification which made the game easier for certain.

But in the majority of quests, you wont find markers and youll have to find yourself on your own in this huge world - Quests description - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

But in the majority of quests, you won't find markers and you'll have to find yourself on your own in this huge world. The only simplification is a terrain marked on the map where you have to look for the place to complete the quest. It may be a NPC, item to be found, cave to be searched or even a special tree to be chopped down in which you find a piece of paper you need. Quests base on the hero skills. In every of them you'll have to use one (or more) of them to complete the quest.

Quests in RuneScape are divided on two main groups: for members and free ones. Unfortunately, there is only a dozen or so quests for the free-to-play game model. They are much simpler than the one available for members, but they show all the mechanics and encourage a player to buy a membership.

List of free-to-play quests in RuneScape 3:

  • Black Knights Fortress - You begin this mission in Falador at NPC called Sir Amik Var, who is in the nearby castle. You need just 10 points of defence to be able to begin this quest.
  • Cook's Assistant - You begin at Lumbridge's castle, at the chef. Quest has no requirements.
  • Death Plateau - Quest begins in the camp in Burthorpe at Denulth. Quest has no requirements, so you can begin it in any moment. The simplification is that when you train Agility, you will be able to use shortcuts in caves of Death Plateau.
  • Demon Slayer - You begin this mission in church in Varrock at Grufeld Bach. This is mainly for the melee warriors. During it you can train fighting demons face to face. A big simplification is a to have a high level of Prayer. The last boss is insesible for magic and physical attacks.
  • Dragon Slayer - The most difficult and complicated quest in free-to-play. You begin this mission after talking with the guild boss in Champions Guild in Varrock. You have to have 33 quest points to begin this quest.
  • Druidic Ritual - You begin this quest in Burthorpe in Hero guild at Kaqemex. Thanks to that, you'll get to know how works the summon skill (but it's payable).
  • Ernest The Chicken - Quest can begin at Veronica in Draynor Village. Thanks to it, you get 3 thousands of feather needed, for example, for making arrows.
  • Goblin Diplomacy - You begin this in Goblin Village at general Wartface. You have to make special dyes for the general.
  • Gunnar Ground - You begin this quest in Barbarian Village at Dororan. You have to have level 5 of Crafting to begin this.
  • Imp Cacher - Quest can be taken from Mizgog who is in the mage tower in Misthalin. You'll fight imps in this mission.
  • Let Them Eat Pie - You begin this in Taverley at Nails Newton. No requirements.
  • Myths of White Lands - Quest begins at Explorer Jack in the city of Lumbridge. Quest requires a lot of Agility, Woodcuting and Crafting.
  • Pirate's Treasure - This mission can be started in seaport Sarim in Asgarnia,when you find a chest next to the pub. No requirements.
  • The Blood Pact - Quest begins after a conversation with Xenia on the cemetary of Lumbridge. No requirements.
  • The Knight's Sword - You cantake this mission in Falador, at the landlord. To be able to begin this, you have to have at least 10 level in Mining.
  • The Restless Ghost - Quest begins at Aereck standing in the church in Lumbridge. No requirements.
  • Rune Mysteries - This mission begins after talking with Ariane, who is standing at the mage tower in Misthalin. You need to have at least one offensive spell to begin this quest.
  • Shield of Arrav - Reldo gives you this mission. He can be found in Varrock palace. You need at least 23 level of Melee fighting to begin this quest.
  • Stolen Hearts - Quest can be taken from Ozan in Draynor Village. No requirements.
  • Swept Away - This quest begins from Maggie nearby the mage tower. No requirements.
  • Vampire Slayer - Quest available at Morgan in Draynor Village. The only requirement is to have fighting skill on a level which allows you to kill vampires.
  • What's Mine is Yours - You begin this quest in Taverley by talking with Doric, next to the main gate to the city. You need Smithing at the 5 level.
  • Wolf Whistle - Quest begins in Taverley after talking to Pikkupstix. No requirements.

For completing quests, you obtain rewards connected to their theme. For example, after finishing mission Let Them Eat Pie! you get Cooking and Thieving points - those skills you were using during this mission.

Some quests, like Death Plateau, let you also check minigames as a form of reward (in this case: Squeal of Fortune) - Quests description - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Some quests, like Death Plateau, let you also check minigames as a form of reward (in this case: Squeal of Fortune).

Combat in RuneScape isnt too much dynamic - Combat - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Combat in RuneScape isn't too much dynamic. It is completely enclosed in two actions. You click at the monster and wait for your hero to kill it or you use your skills from skillbar. In each fight, you attack only one enemy and thanks to that even battling difficult enemies beacomes easier. When your HP drops dangerously low, you just need to choose potion or prepared food and useit. In this game you won't find any evasion system or quick time events. Of course, you may try combining attacks, but it all means using particular skills one after another. RuneScape offers also a lot of items improvinf your defence and offensive. Special Prayers increase your regenration or attack for a short period of time. While attacking, you can't use all of your skills. During the battle, you can see a charging Power bar, which is needed for special skills. Using magical skills, you can check and mix them, finding out which combination is best. To level up, you have to fight a lot. Your main level is strictly connected with the combat. Every level of magic, distance fighting and melee fighting is converted on your general level.

For every battle you receive experience to combat points and items dropped by the monsters - Combat - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

For every battle you receive experience to combat points and items dropped by the monsters. Sometimes, they can drop really precious things. You can sell, equip or train skills with that items - it all depends on what you have found.

The wholse game is based on the well known mechanics from zero to hero - Skills - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

The wholse game is based on the well known mechanics "from zero to hero". During the game, you'll train your character in a way which suits you best. One of the way is to train skills like Smithing. Thanks to the some NPCs (trainers) you can pay for getting levels in the particular skill. Those NPCs have also, usually, a shop where you can buy all necessary items for example to craft a new one.

In RuneScape you find a whole lot of skills which can be developed and on which most of available quests base on. The choice is vast and, what is the most important, you can develop all of them - your level of experience doesn't matter. But there are some skills which are limited only for the members.

List of free skills:

  1. Combat - Skill required for all quests and other activities. Level of your hero bases on the simple calculation from 5 combat skills (attack, strenght, defence, stamina). Attack means how often you hit the enemy and what levels of weapon you can use. The more points of attack, the more often you will hit enemies and the better weapon can be used by you. Strength stands for the damage dealt to enemies (monster or enemy player). Defence is for defining how much damage you will obtain (from monster or enemy player). Stamina defines your HP. The more you have, the more hits you can stand. Combat is extremely important in this game. Without it, you won't be able to cope with more powerful monsters. Monsters having 10 levels more than you are almost unkillable. So you have to train your combat really hard in this game.
  2. Cooking - Cooking is required for some quests and preparing food. Food is, of course, used for keeping your HP at maximum levell. You can eat during the fight (if you have prepared some meals earlier) to regenerate health. The more Cooking points you have, the better meals you make. And better meals regenerate more health.
  3. Crafting - Crafting is alos required for some particular quests. Thanks to it, you can make many different items for quests or for your equipment. The higher level of Crafting, the better items you'll make.
  4. Dungeoneering - Skill which let you go deeper and deeper into Daemonheim. It's a dungeon for all solo and team players.
  5. Fishing - This is one of skills atributed to Cooking. With fishes, you can make a meal which eaten will regenerate your health.
  6. Magic - Magic is a skill for using advanced Prayers, upgrading items, reading and making magic runes or using teleports.
  7. Mining - Skill attributed to Crafting. Thanks to it, you can make resources needed for items all by yourself. Depending on your level, you can get ores from different rocks and mines.
  8. Prayer - Prayer is a secondary skill, thanks to which you get for a short period of time a particular buff (depends on to what God you're praying). When this skills ends, you have to go for more energy to the closest altair. The higher level means that you'll be able to use more powerful buffs and they will last longer.
  9. Ranged - Archery skill. It means using a bow and a crossbow. ATTENTION - magic staff and magic attacks aren't ranged - they are all magic, what is a different skill.
  10. Runecrafting - Magic skill which allows you to use magic runes, thanks to which you learn new magic skills.
  11. Smithing - This skill let you work with ores and other resources collected with Mining. Those two skills are paired.
  12. Woodcutting - This skill is used for making a fire, arrows and constructions. Depending on what are you going to do, you may need wood.

List of payable skills:

  1. Agility - Skill required for Agility quests. Most of achievements is inscribed to one of tracks here and there. For every jump or summersault you get experience. When you get onto a high level of Agility, you can use it in terrain. In RuneScape there is a plenty of paths and shortcuts which cannot be used without high Agility, so this skill is worth to be trained.
  2. Construction - Building houses.
  3. Farming - Farming and cultivating.
  4. Fletching - Every archer should be interested in this skill. It let you make special (which cannot be found anywhere) or very expensive arrows. For example, the fire arrows.
  5. Herblore - Skill which let you make various potions. Thanks to it, you'll make potions increasing attack or healing ones.
  6. Hunter - Hunting down animals.
  7. Summoning - Summoning creatures from out of the world, which will fight for you.
  8. Slayer - Ability which let you kill monsters impossible to kill with other methods.
  9. Thieving - Pickpocketing and opening the closed chests.

Most of skills in RuneScape is available for free-to-play, but there is several of those only available for the members. You can train skills or not, whatever you like - but there are quests and achievements related to them. If you want to complete them, you'll have to train particular skills. You can mix them in random way and, for example, craft items which cannot be found any other place.

There is a whole system of membership and micropayments in RuneScape - Micropayment - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There is a whole system of membership and micropayments in RuneScape. When you become a member, you get a lot of simplifications and helpers. The biggest advantage of membership is an access to skills which are, otherwise, unavailable for your hero. You can use Herblore, Summoning or Construction. You also get an access to chat bookmarks and many minigames which gives you huge in-game incomes. You can use items and locations which make you the unique one - you are able to collect herbs or making potions. Being a member in RuneScape means also a whole bunch of new different quests. There is a lot of missions which are only for members - and they are very complicated with huge rewards.

Bookmark with minigames is available only for members of RuneScape - Micropayment - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Bookmark with minigames is available only for members of RuneScape. Minigames are only an addition for killing the boredom. In each of them you can win items which can level up your skills or give you a rare and expensive item.

One of the game is a Sqeual of Fortune - Micropayment - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

One of the game is a Sqeual of Fortune. Each win can be converted for more credits or items to take. Rewards are very different from leveling you up to magic potions.

There is a lot of special events in RuneScape - Events - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

There is a lot of special events in RuneScape. The newest one, called the Battle of Lumbridge, is the first World Event about the old religion conflict. In this event you can play as one of two sides. Saradomin and Zamorak are the most powerful Gods in the game. With joining the battle, Zamorak forced Saradomi to fight against him and protect the innocent beings.

To begin the fight, you have to reach Lumbridge - Events - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

To begin the fight, you have to reach Lumbridge. Depending on which side you want to play, you have to head north or south. The red on the map is Zamorak, the blue one is Saradomin (screen above). In both camps you can find NPCs at which you can enroll. You can switch side in any momet by going to Kara-Meir in Lumbridge. Event bases on killing enemies and collecting special items, Tears. Team with more Tears collected, wins the daily event. Tears can be changed for special tokens and those for interesting items. You can, for example, get an armor of Saradomin or Zamorak or items changing the look of your current weapon.

Dungeons are crucial part of RuneScape - Dungeons - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Dungeons are crucial part of RuneScape. You can go there solo or in a group. You can find a team proper for your level of combat or other skills by information showing up in this terrains. First of all, to get to the more distant part of the dungeon, you have to train Dungeoneering. There is a lot of dungeons spread out at the whole map, but they are available mostly for the members. There is only several of "free" dungeons and they are not that complicated as those payable ones. In dungeons you can find a lot of quests, monsters and bosses. Each quest gives you reward and each hunting - an experience.

Daemonheim is the dungeon where you can train Dungeoneering. It's available for all players and this trained skill isn't required for any quest or item. To get there, you have to go to the Wilderness first.

You can play this dungeon solo or with a team - Dungeons - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

You can play this dungeon solo or with a team. When you get there, you can choose a team or create your own. When you collect your companions, the leader chooses the floor of dungeon. Depending on your choice, you can use the dungeon to train Combat or other skills like Hunting or Herblore. Deeper parts are more difficult to explore, but it's so called "safe dungeon", where you dont lose your equipment in case of death.

PvP in RuneScape isnt the most important thing - Player vs Player - RuneScape 3 - A beginners guide - Game Guide and Walkthrough

PvP in RuneScape isn't the most important thing. Players can fight at one of arenas which are present in the whole map. Acceptation of a duel begins the battle. There are some particular minigames attached to this activity and they are divided onto two main parts. The first one is so called safe minigame. During it, you don't have to worry about losing experience or equipment after dying. Rewards aren't too big, but still - you train Combat skills. Of course, you should choose enemies according to your level and you have to be very careful with that. You can, of course, duel with the player who is much stronger than you, but the result is easy to predict. Duels are divided on solo and multi. In solo you fight 1vs1 while in multi there are whole teams fighting each other.

Theoretically, all classes are good in PvP. Every of them has assets and disadvantages

  • Mage - The big asset of mage is for sure a 100 % efficiency in attack. Immobilizing and paralytic spells let you quickly eliminate an enemy. But Mage has a very low defence. As you probably know, Mages wear in general robes which aren't a good protection against swords, axes or arrows. There are, of course, spells improving defence for the short period of time, but it's not a solid solution.
  • Melee Fighter - Fighters are very endure and can stand against lot of physical damage. But they have the lowest magic defence from all classes. Shields can stop arrows and swords easily, but immobilize him with a spell and he is totally helpless.
  • Archer - Archers deal the highest amount of damage. They are not afraid of magic immobilizing. Most of armors have high magic defence, so they are not feared of spells. Unfortunately, they also have some flaws. They are not able to, in general, to get through a shield of the warrior.

There is no multifunctioning class in RuneScape. PvP works like paper-rock-scissors but you can't tell that Archer will always lose to Fighter. There are different way of fighting and survival. First of all, you have to have high level of Combat and good equipment. You need also to know your hero and use your skills wisely.