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Guide to Dream Zoo by Zynga for iPhone, iPod and iPad: tips, tricks, cheats and hints

Dream Zoo is a popular Zynga game for iOS devices that allows you to run your very own zoo. You start off with a very small zoo with common animals, but your goal is to earn very rare champion animals through breeding and through wild safaris. As you build up your zoo with more and rarer animals, your zoo will grow from a little petting zoo to a big, awesome zoo full of rare exotic animals. Sometimes it seems like it can take forever for your zoo to become the big awesome zoo you want it to, but there are some tips and tricks that can help. Here are some tips and tricks.

One of the hardest things to in Dream Zoo is to keep enough coins on hand in order to buy the stuff you want, especially if you are the type who is addicted to going on safaris. One of the easiest ways to gain both coins and experience points at a rapid pace is to do the following. First, max out the breeding you can do on your giraffe. The maximum, for reference, consists of two champions and one champion baby. After you max them out, place another giraffe patch and breed them to the max again. Keep doing this til you are absolutely loaded with giraffes. This earns you money fastest because it takes such a short time for them to breed that you can easily max out a giraffe patch within about an hour.

Once you are making mass amounts of money, change the way you do safaris too, and you’ll be able to keep far more items without having to worry about flat tires. What you should do, instead of trying to continue on all four legs of the journey with a high risk of a flat tire, is to end the safari after the first leg. Doing this, you will never have to worry about flat tires, and it is actually cheaper to do four safaris at one frame each than to do one safari and fix a flat tire. You will save 300 coins, and that’s even excluding the possibility of multiple flats on a single safari, which will be a VERY expensive fix.