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Guide to Zynga’s CityVille Holidaytown for IPhone, iPad and iPod: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

CityVille Holidaytown is the third game in Zynga’s CityVille miniseries of games, the first being CityVille for Facebook and Google+ and the second being the iOS game CityVille Hometown. This one plays similarly to CityVille Hometown, but with a different premise. You are in control of Santa’s village in this one, and your job is to restore the village to its former glory and to bring back all of Santa’s elves. Once you bring back 60 of the elves, the village is considered to be fully restored. It’s fairly straightforward, but there are some tips and tricks that can help to make the job even easier and help you power through restoring the village. Read on for the tips and tricks.

When you start off, certain buildings will be near the road that don’t need to be near the road. The only buildings that have to be next to the road are houses and workshops. When you build community buildings, farms or silos, hey don’t have to be next to a road to function, so put them as far away from the road as possible in order to make more room for the decorations, houses, and businesses.

An easy way to rapidly earn a lot of goods is to do this. First, buy a ton of farm plots and put anything you can’t fit on your map in storage. Then, put a lot of stuff in storage in order to make room for the farm plots. Then place all of the farm plots, plant a ton of reindeer food, and then harvest in 30 seconds to fill your inventory, then store the unwanted plots again.

To make more room for businesses, do this trick. First place houses and move new elves in. Then move the houses away from the road and use the new space next to the roads to. Hold and place more and more businesses. You can’t collect experience points from houses this way, but you can make a LOT of extra money because after you move the house away from the road, the elf that you moved in will still live there so they will still be able to be employed at one of your workshops.