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Secret Passages: Hidden Objects – Part 2 of the FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Secret Passages: Hidden Objects beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

One of the most common items that you can find during the digs are coins, which are the main currency of the game. Rubies are the rare and premium currency of the game, and those can be found as well, though they are less common. Of course, you’ll find items for repairing the dig site. Keys are another common, and important find. And finally, you’ll find cameras, magnifying glasses and flashlights.

Cameras, magnifying glasses and flashlights work differently, but all of them will help you find an item when you need it during an object search. The camera will show you a picture of the object so that you know what to look for. The magnifying glass can be moved around, and will glow green when you get near the item that you need to find. The flashlight will automatically show you the general area that an item is at.

There are quests which will help you to earn more coins and gems, but they are few and far between and they last for a limited time. Tap the quests button on the map screen to see what you need to do to finish the quest as well as the rewards, and how much time that you have left.

Once you earn enough keys to unlock the next gate, go to the gate and use the keys on it. It will take awhile to finish unlocking the next area, but once you do, you can then pay coins to unlock the next building to search. Coins can also unlock new relics from existing stages, although this actual ability is unlocked later in the game.

There are also secret areas such as Valhalla, which are unlocked from unusual locations, such as south of where you begin in Oxford (in the case of Valhalla). You’ll need a lot of rubies in order to unlock them, though.

Your main method of earning coins is through trades. Trades also last a limited time, at which point they are replaced with new trades. You can check your relics here, or you can go to the menu area and tap “relics” to check them. Tap on “power ups” and you can spend your hard earned rubies on energy power ups, camera, flashlights and magnifying glasses. Tap on “currency” to buy more coins or more rubies using real life money. Tap on the settings to change the music and sound effect volume as well as the push notifications.

That’s all for Secret Passages: Hidden Objects! Enjoy the game!