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Domo Jump Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

TIME :2022-07-03

Domo Jump is a new endless jumping game featuring the beloved (and sometimes hated) Domo-kun character that has been floating around the outsides of the binders of various otaku for years. This new game features an endless amount of costumes and stages for your Domo to jump in, and you’re goal is to jump as high as you possibly can. On the way you can collect food, gems, and diamonds. Read on for some tips and tricks for Domo Jump!

Collecting gemstones is important to do in this game; however, there really aren’t that many things to spend your gemstones on. You can spend your gemstones on boosts, which is generally useless unless you’re trying to go for a distance record. A much more effective thing to spend your gemstones on is new food items. New food items are worth more food than the food items that you start out with, and the more gemstones that you spend on food items, the more they will be worth.

Having these new food items will allow you to fill the food gauge at the end of each level much more quickly. Each time that you feel the food gauge, you will be able to play a mini game, where you drop the Domo into a Plinko style board and let him fall where he may. This is a far better way of earning bonus diamonds then trying to find them on the stages; however, you have to be fairly lucky in order to earn diamonds this way.

Diamonds are fairly rare, however, you will be able to find them within the levels themselves. If you get enough diamonds, then you will be able to buy some of the premium bonuses that are available to you during the game; however, this will take a long time, because each diamond that you find within the stage is worth just one.

Grab each of the ghost-white balloons because inside everyone of them is a bonus suit, such as the daredevil suit. The daredevil suit will allow you to jump far higher than you could before. In fact, sometimes you will jump too high with this suit. When you do, use the double jump sometime in the middle of the jump in order to stop yourself.