Armor Guide: Yubari - Menz Gaming | World of Warships

TIME :2022-07-03

The tier 4 premium Japanese cruiser Yubari often gets a lot of criticism for its survivability due to its large citadel and weak modules.  The Yubari is a fragile ship that can’t afford to take much direct hits since not only does it have the usual citadel area amidships but it also has an additional citadel area at the stern.  In reality it was a mine rack but in World of Warships there are no mines and thus it is just a negative feature of the Yubari.  This area extends the area with a citadel location from the coning tower all the way to the stern of the Yubari.

This World of Warships Yubari armor guide will break down the Yubari based on armor thickness and also vital module placement.

World of Warships Yubari Armor Guide


Armor wise the Yubari doesn’t have enough armor thickness to protect it against other ships since its armor ranges from 1mm to 57mm.  Damaging a Yubari primarily comes down to avoiding the front of the ship since it is the least likely to cause citadel damage and/or module damage.  From the coning tower to the bow there is only one main turret, a powder magazine, and a small sliver of citadel in the hull.  However, shifting your aim to behind the coning tower you find yourself with almost the entire hull being counted as a citadel and vital modules everywhere.  Unfortunately the Yubari’s armor layout is very poor and there isn’t much that can be done to improve it.  For Yubari drivers your best bet is to ambush enemies and if you are being shot try to have your bow soak up the shots if you can’t dodge them.