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Minecraft - The Game Modes: Creative, Survival, Adventure and Hardcore

TIME :2022-07-03

Minecraft and its various game modes.

Minecraft is a sandbox game. The aim of the game is to destroy different blocks to recombine them and create other blocks.

All this allows practically infinite creative possibilities. Players can create all sorts of buildings and scenery. With its textured "pixel-art" cubes and complex networks, the game allows you to create machines, Russian mountains or even printers for the most hardcore! The more competitive among you can even go head to head in Player versus Player mode or through various challenges like the mini-games.

The different game modes

• The Creative Mode

Or as I like to call it, "GODMODE"! In this gaming mode, the player possesses almost all the blocks and other game objects. In addition you are able to steal and not worry about managing your health or hunger. Here the goal is to create or destroy anything you want, enjoy yourself and have fun, the only condition being that you are creative! Everything is possible and anything can be achieved!


• The Survival Mode

The Robinson Crusoe, here the aim is simply to play to survive. You have the task of creating basic objects little by little to be able to progress, feed yourself, hunt or farm and continue to explore the map in all its depth. 


• The Adventure Mode

A game mode that is becoming more popular. Here players can't break blocks or only with certain items in certain situations. Here the aim is to live an adventure, hence the name of the mode, through various maps created by other players, a bit like an RPG


• The Hardcore Mode

Careful, no joking around here! The game mode is locked in difficult, you have only one life. You mustn't mess up. After that, the idea is the same as survival mode but spiced up a little.