HearthStone: Top Basic Cards - Guide to Winning in Arena

Basic but nice

Do you go from arena to arena and never manage to get 12 victories? Do you think cruel Blizzard are only offering you the worst cards in the game? Here's a little guide to help you choose the basic basic cards in the game for arena and finally win the ultimate key. 

Chillwind Yeti

The stats of the card speak for themselves! A 4/5 for four mana crystals, this makes the Yeti one of the best cards you can play for the midgame. If you play it in turn 4, your opponent will be forced to find a way of dealing with it because it is far too big a threat to be ignored.

Shattered Sun Cleric

Control of the board is essential in arena. So the cards that allow you to boost the minions are very useful, especially for getting rid of an enemy card and keeping the lead in the game. This card allows you to get out of certain situations thanks to its immediate effect, and to place a card with good stats on the board.

Acidic Swamp Ooze

3/2 card for two mana crystals is already a good thing! It allows you to trade damage easily in the early and to take your place on the board. It obviously has an important use since it allows you to remove your enemy's weapon, making the card more worthwhile. Depending on your opponent's class, it can be good to keep it to counter your opponent. The ver pour contrer votre ennemi. Class weapons like those for the Paladin or Warrior are very valuable in the arena, the Ooze is the ideal counter. So this card is very good if it is played simply and excellent if it's ability is used.

Boulderfist Ogre

Like the Yeti, the stats of the Ogre are very good with a 6/7 for six mana. This card will ensure you a good late game and could be a real pain for your opponents. Don't overlook the part played by a 'big' card in arena, because it will be much more difficult to deal with once the game is set up.

Sen'jin Shieldmaster

The basics stats are decent, but it's the ability that justifies this card's place in the list. In turn 4, There are almost no creatures that can overcome your taunt. If you don't have the chance to play it at that moment, it will still be useful for playing for time in the game and letting you breath. This card a has a double effect, either to take the upper hand on the board, or to help you get back in the game. 

Stormwind Champion

This card costs a lot in mana but has a huge advantage, it's effect is immediate when it is placed on the board. This is obviously that you might get this card early in the game, because it requires you to have at least one creature on the table to be efficient. If you play this card at the right moment, it will quite simply allow you to take your opponent by the throat and ensure your victory.