Forge of Empires: New Territory with Guild Battles

You feel like you have played through every quest in Forge of Empires and are looking for new ways to re-introduce your friends to the browser game? Then we have one recommendation for you: guild battles! This feature allows guilds to fight over different sectors and claim new territory in the hopes of making your legacy be known all across the server. Why should you risk your precious army, you ask? If not for fame, then do it for additional guild bonuses or to expand your kingdom.

Know the Map

Provinces, separated by mountain ranges and rivers.

If you plan on going to war, all you have to do is enter your guild interface. This will lead you to the Guild Continent Map, an overview that will show you exactly which sectors you can attack. Keep in mind that each province represents a different age, except the one that allows players of every age to participate.

After you select a province, you enter the section overview. This is where you set up your defenses and take a peek inside past battle logs. Here, each member has the chance to launch his or her individual attack, so communicate with your friends and make sure everyone’s on board before declaring war on an opposing guild. That’ll give you a bigger chance of taking down your target.

Choose a Sector

Watch out for symbols.

Before you can jump into battle, you will have to choose a landing zone and set up your headquarters. So what’s there to attack? First, you will have to find a hex that’s available. If you see one with a symbol with two crossed swords, that means that this camp is already under attack. If there’s a shield icon, the sector was recently conquered and is currently unavailable. Keep an eye out for sectors with a lot of trees, because they will end up giving you more power. Should you be able to take over and defend a sector with high power, your guild will be granted much more experience than with a sector that barely has any trees.

Attack & Defend

All the information you need.

When the preparation phase has ended, it’s time to set up a siege army, prepare your troops and launch your attack. One single sector can have up to eight individual armies defending the camp and you won’t be able to know what they consist of until the moment you engage in combat. The good thing: You will only have to defeat one of these armies to conquer the sector. The bad thing: You will have to fight an army multiple times before it's too weak to repel any attacks. Which army you go up against is determined randomly.

Once you're victorious, your siege army moves in and is ready to defend your newly claimed territory. A recently conquered sector will be protected from incoming attacks until the end of the day. Then, every other guild has the opportunity to charge into your sector.

Helping Hand

In Forge of Empires, every guild has a support pool that is determined by the amount of Great Buildings its members have built and your guild’s overall level. The higher the bonus, the higher the bonus percentage you get on each attack and defense. While your headquarters have a maximum support bonus of 75%, surrounding camps have 50%. This percentage is recalculated every day.

Keep in mind that guild battles are currently only available on the Forge of Empires test server before they will eventually find their way to the proper browser game world. Some things are bound to change until then.