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The Trick to Exploding a Rally Trap Instantly! (Fixed)


The Trick to Exploding a Rally Trap Instantly!

Over the last year, we have seen the number of Rally Traps grow exponentially, and the threat levels of traps have change significantly. Strongholds under 2B power used to be a dream target, but now the chances of Hero walking home from one of those is near zero.

Most players having either grown to become "Hero eaters" or reached invincible power levels (when their Hero is home), and it's become harder to find targets in older kingdoms. With this in mind, some of the players of (Kua) in K208 have been looking for ways to score BIG on points without risking heroes (and the expensive cores that go with it).

The Question

With insane boosts and debuffs on recent cores and pieces, a solo victory on a 1.8B player is expected if you can hit fast enough to catch them off guard. A rally on 1.8B is sure to grant big points if they can't core, so how do we get a rally to hit fast enough to catch these traps before they simply press the equip button?

The Trick to Exploding a Rally TrapBomb

Good ol' random ports from the Forest is how!

Most people know that a double rally will instant port the second rally, but not actually land a hit, and the same goes for a double  solo. However, a double hit from two different types of marches will land both.

This was an idea from the rank 4 room of (Kua), previously called (AXb). It was discussed briefly as a fun test to run, but was not immediately tried. Many times I tried to sneak a solo into one of Danoman007 or King Showtym's rallies in the Forrest, but I never could get the timing down without better communication.

This last kill event, however, nut cases like XxBob and Dabbleton were "solo blasting" anything they saw, and accidentally pulled off the idea we weren't sure would actually work.

Bob snuck a solo march into a rally trap in the woods before the trap could equip gear, meanwhile Dunn8reezy had already launched a fully cored rally. Bob's solo hit instant ported Dunns rally into the trap for an incredible amount of damage, grabbing our attention and raising an excitement level rivaling a level 5 pendulum drop.

Speed rallies are great, but an instant rally is about as good as it gets.

Admittedly, this tactic is fresh on our minds and is still a work in progress. Our Hero's love for jail time is only outweighed by their thirst for kills. If this technique works even 50% of the time, we all may actually be able to start swinging the advantage back from traps to the large attack accounts.

In the rally trap era we play in now, one can only hope...

Update: Method Verified

We used the method perfectly last kill event and absolutely crushed traps. Three of our alliance members broke 3B points, and one broke over 4B.

Deceive the traps into thinking they have time to get ready for the hit by launching in full cores from 4 tiles away. From offscreen, have the solo hitter send their March as fast as possible AFTER the rally is marching, forcing the random port (if the solo march burns the enemy) and causing the rally to instant hit.

War strategy contributed by Blunt4