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New Research Reset Feature?!


New Research Reset Feature?!

Month after month readers on Game of War Real Tips have searched for one term more than any other... "Research Reset".

This feature doesn't exist yet, but a lot of people want it apparently.

You would probably guess that the most searches would be about Cores, Trap Accounts, the Nerf, or even how to get to more gold, but no.

Take a look at the table of user searches from our site below:

User Searches Last 30 Days

The number of searches isn't incredibly high but it's just surprising that players would search for the same two words of a feature that does not exist than they would search for cores. My theory is it's because they think that since there are skill tree resets and Research trees look similar to skill trees, that their might be a research reset item.

To reiterate, there isn't a research reset button, but what if there was...

How Research Reset Might Workgame of war set bonus special research reset

First off, I'm not sure an overall Research Reset item would even work considering how costly it would be, and that it would probably be cheaper to just start a new account. Also, if there was a research reset function of some sort, we would likely have to pay some currency to unresearch certain categories, which would be weird since we paid currency to research them.

Research resets would make the most sense for players wanting to convert to trap accounts who want reduce their research power in categories that aren't necessary.

Furthermore, it would be pretty cool for traps to be able to unresearch some categories before kill events to reduce power and then re-research them after.

Research resetting would probably have to be only available for a certain category, not an overall research reset. Then, I think the most attractive way for this function to exist, is if players were refunded something like 20-50% of the gold price for that research category. That way GoW is still making money if traps want power down their accounts and rebuild them after kvks, and yet players are still getting partially compensated for having spent currency on that research previously.

Likelihood of a Research Reset

I think it's extremely unlikely that Game of War would ever release this feature since it's not in line with what they typically add to the game. However, I thought I would bring it up and see what everyone else thinks about it. If enough people are interested, GoW might consider building it.

Update: Stats Reset

A few people on Line mentioned they would be even more interested in a stats reset for their trap accounts rather than a research reset. Meaning they want to zero out their troops killed, power destroyed, and other stats that reveal their status as a deadly trap.

Although enticing, a stats reset would just further increase the ridiculous amount of trap accounts that already exist, and really tweak the game in an unpredictable direction. Being able to read the stats of an account is critical to knowing whether or not its a trap.

Again this feature doesn't align with something Game of War has ever released before, so it would be extremely abnormal for them to add it. Regardless, it's interesting to think about. I'd love to see GoW test it in BETA.

Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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