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GyroSphere Trials Guides and Tips

GyroSphere Trials Guides and Tips


GyroSphere Trials will take you to a fast-paced race through endless and unpredictable obstacles on your way. So in this game you are going to roll, spin, and jump and the most important thing to do is to protect yourself not to fall. The challenging part here is that the dealing with the abstract world which greatly influence by physics concept. So you will start playing the game by learning how to control GyroSphere and master it. As you continue making progress in game, you are able to unlock more arenas with more challenging experience ahead. Just keep your improving by beating your own time and work it up your way. If you already master the concept of the game, you can now compete with your friends through leaderboard system. And to help you in your journey, you can check some tips and tricks below:

1. Don’t mess with your momentum. Actually the biggest factor in this game is mastering the control in this game. This deal upon knowing when you need to speed up and slow down. By means of letting your ball roll into warp speed is the quickest way to fling yourself off the level so you need to ensure that you are aware on how fast you are going. This works double when there are slants and slopes involved. The same how gravity works, this can build momentum in your ball so you need to be very careful when you are going down in slopes. When you mess up with your momentum you can do quick backwards swipes to control your speed and to slow it down.

2. Getting additional lives. For you to acquire extra live, just go back on previous levels where you earn all 5 medals on and there you can beat your old times and get additional 5 lives. This is very useful especially if you already consume all your lives and you still want to play the game.

3. Just take your time. If you are flying on it for the first time, you must take your time and learn throughout the level. Though your main objective here is complete the level as fast as you can, but for your first fly it is better to take your time, enjoy the game and just master it. Don’t worry about the time, since as what we mentioned above, you can replay this level and earn additional lives on it. Take it as your advantage and be it as your chance to learn more about the game. Keep in mind that the game require tight and precise jumps together with turns and brakes which is actually what you need to beat the level. While practice is the best thing you can do to make it possible.

4. Create your own shortcuts. Once you already mastered how physics works in this game, that is the time that you must create your own way which will serves you as shortcut so it will make your game easier. Forinstance, you are on the higher plane and you see a slope going down with a sharp turn. Well what you can do here from the higher sports, is to build enough speed to bypass the slope altogether and land on lower platform. This will actually saves you lots of time. But just like what we said, you need first to master the control as this will be risky for those who really don’t know what they are doing.