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AdVenture Capitalist


If you are reading this then I assume you are already playing AdVenture Capitalist and are looking for answers as to when you get an Angel Investor, when to claim them, where to spend them and how many of them you should spend. Believe me, when I first started, I had to look up all these information as well. So this is my service to you readers of Android Entity who are established entrepreneurs in AdVenture Capitalist looking to rise to the next level. The fact that you have clicked on this article proves that you are willing to admit you need help. That, as they say, is the first step to success.

What are they?

From the text in the game, you would already know that Angel Investors are earned by gaining more money, and that they increase your profits by 2% (if you sign in to Kongregate, 5%) per angel. What is less obvious is that they can also be used to unlock new upgrades and managers. However, in order to claim these investors, you have to reset your game and start over from scratch. Meaning all your managers and upgrades will also be gone. The catch is that you start over with the extra boost in profits from the investors, so you will catch up to where you left off faster and faster every time you claim more investors.

For example, if you reset your game and claim 50 Angel Investors, you gain an extra 100% profit when you start over. Double profits also means that you will get back to where you left off twice as fast. You can then go on and earn even more money than you did, and at a faster rate.

When do you earn Angel Investors?

Angel Investors are earned based on your Lifetime Earnings. If you want to know how much you have earned if your lifetime, click on your portrait at the top left corner. The number of Angel Investors earned can be calculated using the following formula (credit to Sodapants):

angels$44.44 billion = 1 Investor

$177.78 billion = 2 Investors

$400 billion = 3 Investors

When should I claim them?


The first time you claim Angel Investors is really up to you. I’ve read many websites that suggests many different numbers, from 100-1000. But honestly, some people will have the patience to wait for a higher number, and some people won’t. So whenever you reach a point where you are thinking that the game is moving too slow, that’s when you should claim them. Personally, I did it when I got 200. There is no use waiting too long though because you are going to reset your progress and gain them back much faster than your first playthrough.

According to the tutorial in the game, they recommend doubling the amount of angel investors that you currently have after your first reset and for subsequent resets. Generally, I think that is a good rule of thumb, because it will allow you to earn profits twice as fast. So if I claimed 200 investors the first time, my next reset will be 400 investors.

Where and when to spend them?

Angel Investors serve three purposes:

  1. Earn 2% (or 5%) per angel
  2. Unlock managers
  3. Unlock upgrades

The first purpose doesn’t require you to spend them. Any angels claimed and not spent will automatically provide the earnings boost. However, that’s where the complexity lies. The amount of angels you spend on managers and upgrades should provide a benefit that is greater than the loss of the 2% per angel. Otherwise, you would have made a bad business deal.

Angel Investors can also be used to unlock special managers that make buying businesses cheaper.

Lastly, Angel Upgrades that will give you more boosts in profits, angel effectiveness and businesses. These costs much more than unlocking managers. The game will ask for confirmation if you attempt to purchase anything more than 1% of your current angel investors.

To really understand the math of when to spend your investors, check out the wiki page on that. Forgive me for linking but it really is too long and honestly deserves a separate page.

To the moon and mars

As mentioned in my other guide, activate mission control to the moon and mars once you have 1 trillion dollars. The timer then starts ticking down from 200 hours. It can be sped up by using dollars or, if you have enough, angel investors.

There you go, I hope this guide has been informative to those who are confused about anything related to angel investors. Your ultimate goal of course is to unlock everything on Earth and Moon and Mars, but have some patience because that will take a long long time.