Punfound Android Answers Level 141

Puns, Puns, Puns. All these puns are going to make you crazy! But I love it! Punfound is an amazing game where the game shows you a picture and you’ll have to guess the pun. Think it sound silly? Well, I don’t! That’s why I wrote this walkthrough. Anyways, there is a total of 160 levels right now, and I hope they keep on adding more, because I love to hate puns!


141: Reigning

142: Sweet

143: Ketchup

144: Mustard

145: Arch

146: Spirit

147: Entrance

148: Inverse

149: A Tack

150: Type O

151: Grew

152: Cereal

153: Lettuce

154: Mean

155: Pickle

156: Soft

157: Leenexbox

158: Tee

159: Toad

160: Deviled

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