Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC 5: Son Of Crawmerax Walkthrough Fun,Sun and Guns

TIME :2022-07-03
Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC 5: Son Of Crawmerax Walkthrough Fun,Sun and Guns

Go to the objectives ahead to Sir Hamerlock

Run down the stairs and take Hamerlock's whiskey.

And just down the stairs is the Pod Injector.

Run up the Stairs to The Varkids but don't kill them.

Then run around till one of the Varkids get into a pod, Then run up to it and inject the pod.

Now Protect and Follow the Varkid.

After the Varkid dies just go and inject another and follow it.

Jump down and go kill all the pirates.

Then go up to the water wheel.

Activate all the buttons inside the area.

The fisrt one is located right in front of the door.

The second two are located just right-upstairs to the first one.

The last one is located left from the second two.

Run down to where the Varkid dissapeared.

Now follow the Varkid through the tunnels.

Shoot the Giant Craboid in the middle where its head is and run backwards when it charges.

Then follow the Varkid up the elevator.

Run to the left and figtht the enemies.

Then go right and over the bridge and fight those enemies and after they are dead proceed to the objective.

Then inject the pod.

Follow the Varkid and then kill it,Then proceed over the bridge.

Go to Hamerlock and jump down then activate the wheel and summon Son Of Crawmerax.

Kill all the adds first.

Then shoot the Purple areas on the Boss and run around to stay alive.

Go and activate the wheel to rescue Hamerlock.

Then get to Hamerlock and turn in the quest.

Borderlands 2 Headhunter DLC 5: Son Of Crawmerax Walkthrough Victims of Vault Hunters

Just get on the platform and go up.

Run and jump down under this bridge and go to the left.

Then there is a dynamite bomb under the bridge to the right and detonate it.

Uhhh... Inspect what is left of him.

Run to the Totem, Then go and kill one of the witch doctors.

One of those witch doctors is located in this area.

Take the mask and put it infront of the totem.

Then... Inspect again.

Now go back through the tunnel to the Island.

You are going to encounter another Giant Craboid.

Then when you get out go back to the water wheel.

And then activate another button.

Jump on the piston and jump over to the ledge on the top and go... inspect.

Then go down and run to the next area where you will find a glowing door on the top of that houses.

Open and then go in and... Inspect again.

Then go down and the red place is where you must go in and... Inspect.

Pull the lever and go down to the left.

Then to the right is where you must go, Then kill Sparky.

When you get to Sparky, Run up to his boat and take him out.

Then you go up to the platform to the left of the boat and up.

Now you return to the first located point of Hamerlock.

You're done. Now just go turn your quest in and listen to what your character has to read.