Cave Story Walkthrough First Cave

Cave Story Walkthrough First Cave

After a nice intro cutscene you'll find yourself in a cave promptly named 'Start Point'. The Heart Canister will refill your health, the Floppy Disk will save your game (no Autosaves!) and the door is the way out. Press down to interact.

Once out, go to the left and continue down, we can't go right yet. Be sure to jump over the blood-covered spikes though, you only have 3 health, and these spikes will one-hit you.

At the point in which the cave curves around underneath itself, grab the item in the corner. It'll increase your max health!

This water will weaken your jumps, so jump from the edge to make this gap. Also be careful not to stay in the water too long, you do drown.

Contrary to instincts, you should climb into this Tiger statue's mouth, it's actually a door.

It's some dude's home. Loot his treasure chest while he sleeps to get your first gun, the Polar Star! Then make your way back around to where you began.

All those bats you've skillfully dodged better look out, as now you can shoot them down. Kill an enemy and it'll drop yellow triangles which level up the gun you wield when picking them up. Collecting enough will increase the level of your gun, but be careful, getting hit will make you lose some experience from your active gun!

You can also shoot your way through the blocks that blocked you previous. The door at the end is a Mimic, do be sure to shoot it before trying to enter it.

You'll fall into the Mimiga village, interrupting something. There's a save room on the right, but head left into the reservoir to progress.

Go to the end and jump into the water, interact with the sparkles to get an item, and quickly make your way out before you drown. Also, don't kill that fish, you'll thank me for it later.

Toroko will be there when you get back, but will run off again. Chase her down into the house at the bottom right of the village, or explore a bit to get the Map System just above it.

Inside the shack Toroko will attempt to "attack" you, send a single shot her way and she'll trip, allowing you to explain the situation. But you'll soon be cut short by two minions of the Doctor.

Misery will make off with Toroko, and you'll be left with Balrog who asks if you planned on trying to fight him. Say yes, and he'll start trying to charge and jump at you. Dodge his patterns and he's extremely easy. Or you could say no, and he'd just leave.

Head up to the top right of the villager and inform the Mimiga there that Toroko has been kidnapped, and he'll leave his post. Head inside the cemetery.

Up the top on Arthur's gravestone you'll find a key to the house at the bottom left of the village. Take it and go there.

Interact with the computer to enable the teleporter, and then take it to the Egg Corridor.

The Egg Corridor starts off easy, make your way forward through some jumping bean things and a few charging elephants.

You'll quickly find the Sue everyone has been talking about as she gets kidnapped by from Monster Mimiga.

When you reach it, go into the underground tunnel and up into Egg number 6, you'll find an ID card you need. Don't let that white thing touch you though, it's an Insta-kill.

Enter the room not far from Egg 6 to not only find out that you were indeed supposed to find the ID card there, but also get the Rocket Launcher!

Then go into Egg 1 and use the ID card you grabbed earlier to turn off the Shield you barely got to see.

Make it to the end of the Corridor to battle Igor who is protecting the eggs for the Doctor. At first he attempts to through weak punches, but soon starts charging up projectile attacks past half health.

In the first door afterwards you'll find Sue as she tries and fails to open Egg No 0 to escape on a Dragon. She'll reluctantly invite you to escape with her, and for now you should head back to the village.

When you arrive back, Sue is caged up by the villagers because the Doctor's henchmen took Toroko instead of Sue. Talk to her and she'll send you in her place to the Grasstown for her Brother.

Cave Story Walkthrough Grasstown

You'll quickly see a new miniga who says he's lost the key to his house. Move forward to the right to try and find it.

You'll encounter Blobs that fly up and try and crush you by landing on you, don't forget you can aim up.

The Key isn't very far in, it's very possible to bolt in and grab it. Take that back to the mimiga you saw at the start.

He'll invite you into his house which has a Health and Save station, but will also reward you with the Fireball weapon. It launches bouncing projectiles affected by gravity, and is great on hills (like in this area), so try and level it up.

Progress a bit further into the bushlands as told by Santa and you'll find some insta-kill spikes you were warned about in his house. You WILL fall through the ground into them, so jump over the pit.

Enter the house at the end of the path and examine the fireplace. The Mimiga in there will inform you that you'll need Jelly to get through there. Exit the house and go back to where Santa's key was to find a big Jelly. Kill it to receive some Jelly. You can only have one at a time, but you can come back for more later.

Instead of going back to Chako's house, go into Santa's house instead and use the Jelly on his fireplace to get some Charcoal, you'll need this later on. Grab another jar of Jelly on your way back to Chako's house.

Side note: If you take a Jelly back to the Mimiga Village and use it on the fireplace there, you will find a completely optional weapon called the Bubbline. It sucks at lvl 1 and 2, but it's amazing if you get it up to lvl 3.

When you finally get back to Chako's house and use the Jelly on her fireplace, you will be let through to the other side of her house. The fire will be re-lit, but you can now continue onwards.

The next area will have annoying totem pole-like creatures sprinkled along the ground that shoot in the direction they face when shot. Make your way to this shed and examine the crack in the wall.

Someone is trapped in there, and if you agree to help him out, he'll give you a key you need to progress. Try and use it on the door to find it has no keyhole, and then talk to the crack again to think of some other way to force it open.

The Key does however open the door to the power supply at the bottom left of this part of the map. Head in and turn the power on to be confronted by a defense robot!

Or not, as the robot is quickly squished by the randomly room crashing Balrog who will be fighting you instead. He's the same boss from before, but this time he shoots out a few slow projectiles.

If you grabbed the Bubbline and levelled it up to 3, you can destroy this boss with it, as when held the bubbles will act like a shield that will destroy any of his projectiles, as well as being launchable at him directly.

Contrary to what you might think, after beating Balrog, talk to the now crushed robot and help him out. He'll compliment you as being a good person and offer to help you out. He only knows how to make bombs, but with that rusted door, this is exactly what we need. You need some Gum base, Charcoal and Jelly to make the bomb, but you should already have 2 of those things.

Now all the fans are turned on, allowing you access to this save room, but also the room with the Gum Base. Once you've saved and healed, Check up with the guy stuck in the shed.

Talk with him through the crack again, and you'll let him know of your bomb making plan, and that you need gum base. He'll give you a key labeled 'Gum Base' which is needed to go and get it. Then head to the far right.

Watch out for the spikes bellow, and hold the jump button while being blown by the fans to make the distance needed to clear this mini puzzle.

Inside you'll easily obtain the needed Gum Base, but will quickly be prevented from leaving by the Doctor's goons.

After a mini series of events, Misery will transform Balrog into Balfrog to make sure you get crushed.

You need to shoot him when his mouth is open to hurt him. Getting up super close with a level 3 Fireball will do a ton of damage. When he starts to corner you, use the fans to jump over him.

After beating him, take the three items to the robot and make the bomb, and then plant it at the rusted door for the shed. It'll blow and up and free Kazuma from the opening cutscene (also Prof. Booster) who leave for the Village.

Make your way all the way back to the village for some story.

Cave Story Walkthrough Sand Zone

Take the teleporter to the newly added Sand Zone for your group of friend to try and prevent the Doctor from finding these red flowers! You'll find someone new pretty quickly, but they run away.

Climb your way up these jumping blocks while being careful for the dust bug enemies.

Once at the top, head into the small house on the left. You'll find the person you saw earlier, who thinks you've come to off the mimiga.

She'll then start to fight you with her Machine gun, which she'll charge up before releasing a storm of bullets in the direction she faces. The Mimiga will also slowly try to attack you, just shoot them to knock them over for a bit. Don't worry, they don't die.

After you defeat her, you let her know that you're not here to kill the mimiga, and will quickly welcome you as a friendly. She'll even offer to trade her Machine gun for your Polar Star, but be careful, if you accept this trade you will miss out on the chance to get debatably better weapons later on in the game, like the Spur.

Talk to everyone in the room to find out that you should head to Jenka next, but be sure to go into the back room to (save and) grab the puppy.

Then leave the house and head to the right. You'll encounter floating spin-y things that will split into smaller ones once killed. Touching the sand with the skulls here will also get you chomped pretty quickly, so try and jump from pillar to pillar without touching the sand.

Half way through this section you'll see a Pawprint block. You can jump through these (with or without a Puppy). Here, it's only a shortcut with a save box, but elsewhere it's necessary.

After a small bit more, you'll find yourself in a sand pit at the end. Misery will appear, offering to fight, but something seems to cut her off and she leaves you to instead fight-

The Sand Beast, Omega! The first half of the boss he'll pop out of the sand and shower gears, but the second half he will start to jump around. The Fireball mows through the gears on the ground and Omega's health bar, so as long as you watch out for the gears while they fall, you'll completely steamroll this boss.

Head back the way you came and you'll notice that a gate in the floor will open up to the path bellow. Head down a bit and take the first left you can to find Jenka's house. Talk to her for some story, and she'll ask you to gather her 5 puppies. You already have on, so it'll be delivered.

Time to get the rest of the puppies. Do note though, these can be done in any order. First one I'm going for is through this Pawprint block up near the Sunstone gate.

At the end of a small tunnel is a Heart Container and a chest containing one of the dogs. Grab it and bring it back to Jenka. As you gather more puppies, she'll slowly leak some story and lore between visits.

The Third puppy is waiting on the ground down in the next part of the level. There are some annoying Bird and Skeleton enemies here, learn how to take them out effectively, as you'll be down here quite a bit.

At the end of this stretch, another puppy will be waiting, grab it and head back to Jenka.

About halfway down the same stretch is some Pawprint blocks near the roof. Jump through those to find a path towards the next pup.

Inside the house at the end of that path it's pitch black. To get the Puppy here safely, use your map to see where you can move and jump too. If you missed the map, you can try shooting to see where the bullets hit.

For the final dog, you'll need to keep heading right in the under area, making your way further than where the 3rd puppy was.

At the end you'll find the warehouse everyone is talking about, locked up tight, along with the final puppy. Take him back to Jenka only to find out she was robbed of the Warehouse key by Balrog! Head back to the Warehouse asap.

Go inside the warehouse to not only find that the Doctor has already harvested all the Red Flowers, but that he fed some to Toroko, who is now a rabid mimiga who's gone insane and attacking!

Toroko's attacks consist of jumping around and throwing blocks directly at you. I didn't find any overpowered strategies for this boss, just learn the attack patterns to dodge, and slowly whittle down her health bar with whatever you can.

After winning, talk to King and he'll die, giving you his sword as a weapon. Once you leave however, you'll be pinned by Balrog, and Misery will send you both to the Labyrinth.

Cave Story Walkthrough Labyrinth

You'll wake up in what you're told is the dump of the island, where all the trash gets sent. Take that "never get free" as a challenge and start to climb upwards taking out the annoying purple blobs.

Reach the top and interact with this computer console to open up the door down the bottom. For a little bit of fun, see if you can fall all the way down to the ground without hitting any of the floating platforms!

Make your way through a few more sliding blocks and you'll get into the real meat of this place, Bug Soldiers and all. Although the ones inside this little building here are friendly.

In fact, the store clerk inside offers a nice proposition, if you let him look at your Polar Star and Fireball, he'll combine the two weapons into the Snake, a short ranged weapon that can penetrate walls. I'd personally save the Polar Star for the third and final trade offer soon.

Not much further along you'll bump into two frogs that were ran out of their clinic and Curly brace who got sent here as well. Talk to the Doctor to be healed up, and given the side quest to fetch some medicine from the clinic. Not sure, but this might be needed if you're going for the Best End.

Regardless of what you do, continue on afterwards through some tricky sliding block bits.

You'll be quickly arena trapped in with a mechanical boss that zooms across the plain back and forth before settling and launching attacks at you.

When it does settle to attack, it'll open up, showing its weak spots to you. Before you are able to do any damage to the boss, you'll need to shoot all of the green spots when it's open. Once they're all gone, you can hurt the boss by attacking the inside while it's open.

Due to the high firerate and close proximity, the Level 2 (NOT Level 3) Sword completely destroys this boss. Get in close and deal as much damage as you can, while trying not to get levelled up to 3 or down to 1.

In the room after the Boss, you'll see Prof. Booster be teleported in and fall down into a pretty deep hole. WARNING! SAVE BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ELSE! If you're going for the Best End, Jump over the gap without going down to check on the Prof., you'll ruin your ending if you do. Use the Red Line to make sure you make the jump. If you don't care about getting the best ending, jump down to check on Booster and get a pretty cool Jetpack!

In the next room, when trying to move the boulder you keep hearing mentioned, Balrog will come down and try and fight you. This time he has a bad habit of jumping up high and unleashing a storm of missiles.

Manage to defeat him again, and he'll agree to help you move the boulder out of the way so you can continue.

Behind the massive boulder, you'll be entering the Deep Labyrinth. It's primarily a ton of combat, so keep on your toes against some powerful enemies, and you'll make it through fine.

Part way in, you'll find a teleporter that will take you back to the Bug shop if you wanted to grab the Snake and didn't before, but be careful! If you jump down without the Booster v0.8 you're going to have to take the LOOONG way back!

Make it through that combat fest into this nice resting area. Save up and follow Curly into the door.

To make it through these blast doors, first open them at the console just above, shoot the faulty door until it opens, go back to the first console, then swim underneath and use the second console. Save afterwards, trust me.

If you're going for the Best End, find the Tow Rope in the waters below in the next room BEFORE talking to curly. Otherwise, go straight for her. After a small cutscene, a boss fight will start against

The Heart of the Island! This is one mean boss, especially seeing as the water will rise up commonly making dodging quite a pain. You deal damage to the boss by hitting the Main Core when its blue eyes are showing.

Make dodging and outlasting this boss your focus, while trying to deal as much damage as you can when given the window.

Just as you're about to put this Core down for good, Misery will come rushing in after realizing her mistake. If the core dies, the Island will crash down into the ground! By the orders of the Doctor, Misery will run off with the core to preserve the Island, and the room will flood.

You'll run out of air and die or will you? After you run out of air and black out, she'll remove her Water bubble and give it to you, saving you but not herself. If you're going for the Best End you would have seen some extra text when you fainted. Don't forget to use the Tow Rope.

Make your way back to the Dark Place and enter the now-open Tiger Mouth into the Living Waterway.

Cave Story Walkthrough Living Waterway

The start of this level begins pretty slow, use this as some time to carefully re-level the weapons that got hit during the boss.

The real fun begins when you need to fight your way through the flowing currents to get where you need to go without hitting spikes.

You'll want to jump out to this small side shack if you're going for the Best End, as inside are some things needed to fix up Curly. If not though, continue floating on.

The water flow puzzles get pretty hard afterwards, and they climax at the end with

Another boss, this quickly? Wait for him to charge forward and then float slowly back towards you. Unload all of your ammo into him as he floats back, and watch out for the smaller fish and debris.

You'll land back into the Mimiga village, which is not completely abandoned. Head down into Arthur's house and take the teleporter to the Egg Corridor. If you're going for the Best End and didn't get the Booster v0.8, you'll see Booster in Arthur's house and he'll give you the finished and better Booster v2.0!

Cave Story Walkthrough Scorching Back

Heading back to the Egg Corridor you'll quickly see that something terrible has gone here, as the entire place has gone to shit. Everything is cracked and broken, the entire place has collapsed into a new level, and dead dragon babies litter the ground

Don't get too sad though, as soon you'll start running across undead baby dragons that will make you wish they all died. Also keep an eye on the ceiling, the further you go in, the more of those stalactites will fall down. The bigger ones prove fatal if they connect.

Once you see this thing, back up! It's a time bomb and has an insane radios. After it explodes, continue deeper.

Enter this building by a broken open vent, and leave by the other vent in the bottom right corner. Feel free to grab the chest, but if you do, you'll have to defeat an optional boss fight.

Check up on Egg no.0 at the end to be offered an escape with Kazuma in the Dragon whom successfully hatched from it. This will trigger the Bad End and you'll miss out on the rest of the game, but if you saved just before, feel free to experience it and just reload the save after.

Follow him outside to the outer wall of the Island, and use whichever Booster you have to scale the wall.

Up the top of the wall you can enter a door into a Storehouse where a transformed human gets scared of you.

Save up, and head into the other door to find the Plantation.

Cave Story Walkthrough Plantation

Head as far left as you can over the crop fields and enter a door into this rest area. Talk to the Mimiga with the fishing rod.

Follow the Mimiga down to the water area and talk to him to be offered an item that he caught and put in his bucket. It's the key for the room just to the left. Head into it and take the teleporter to be thrown in jail.

Talk to the hungry Mimiga in the jail twice to find out that Sue was in here and put a letter in your pocket. Read it from your inventory, and then escape the jail on the right side.

Once making it out of the jail, you can safely take the teleporter you got caught in back the Arthurs house. If you still haven't traded off your Polar Star, use the Booster to get to the very top of the Mimiga village and into First Cave again. Talk to the Hermit at the end and he'll upgrade your Polar Star to the Spur, which is a direct upgrade! The base shot is now as powerful as the level 3 shot, and instead of using the normal level mechanic, hold the fire button down longer to unless a powerful beam!

Then head to this hidden door by going through fake blocks and speak the now-known password to enter.

Talk to Sue's mother and she'll tell you she's building a rocket. She'll borrow your Booster and give you a Mimiga mask so the Mimiga will talk to you. Go talk to this Mimiga to find out his Sprinkle is broken, then grab the broken sprinkler.

Take it to the Mimiga with glasses in the rest area to replace it with a new one. Instead of returning the sprinkler to the farmer, take it to Sue's mother. You'll then be told to go and fetch Itoh, the Mimiga whom you frightened when entering from the Outside wall.

Talk to Itoh to be given a controller, then return to Sue's mother with it. The rocket will take a bit, so head down and take a sleep in the bed.

Once you awake the rocket will be done outside. Talk to Sue's mother to switch out the Mimiga mask for your Booster, then use the Rocket to launch way up to the Doctor's Throne.

Cave Story Walkthrough Last Cave

Welcome to the Last cave! This terrible place will push your skills to the limit, and the better ending you're going for, the more difficult it becomes! If you forgot to get your Booster back and still rock the Mimiga mask, this place will be somewhat easier, you'll face the normal version with the Booster v0.8, but if you're cruising with the Booster v2.0 this cave will be harder AND reset all your weapon levels.

The first part is easy to get you warmed up to this area. Red things are bad, including the red 'water'. Focus on leveling your weapons up if you're on Last Cave (Hidden).

These canisters contain some canned experience, break them open and collect them with your weapon on choice. The further in you go, the more difficult pushing further will be.

The next floor is a bit of a spike dodging maze with bats flying in a curved pattern. Be sure to time your movements to avoid the bats, as well as being precise in your movements to avoid dmg.

On the third floor, there are no enemies, but the parkour steps its game up. I hope you've mastered the mechanics of your chosen Booster by now, as they'll be put to the test here.

On the 4th floor, true heroes will face the Red Ogre. This annoying boss will chip off a decent amount of your health if you're not careful. A fully charged Spur shot will take a massive chunk of his health though.

The final stretch of this cave is littered with Presses. Be extremely careful here, as getting squashed by these guys is INSTANT DEATH. If you have the Whimsical Star, you can completely scum these, otherwise approach with caution.

Only one short stretch between you and the Doctor's fortress, and it's called the Balcony. There are some enraged mimigas scattered across here, but nothing you couldn't push through with ease.

If you scale the wall at the end instead of going into it, you'll find a wealth of goodies to heal and level up before this final fight. If you go back into the prefab building and exit, it'll all respawn, so scum this to get fully prepared.

Once you're ready to face one hell of a boss rush, head into the building at the end to be confronted with Misery. She teleports around a lot and relies purely on ranged attacks such as projectiles and summoning crushing blocks to fall on you.

This is only the first boss that you will need to do in a row without healing, so focus purely on taking as little damage against Misery as possible. Only take safe shots, if you get too reckless, she'll weaken you enough to drastically lower your chance of beating the next boss.

Head on up to the next floor to come face to face with the Doctor himself, who has perfected the energy of the red flowers into the Red Crystal. As you'd expect, tired of you getting in his way, he attempts to crush you with this new power.

The Doctor also teleports around and summons projectiles, but at a lesser rate than Misery. He has considerably less health too, but be careful that the Red Crystal doesn't shield the Doctor from your shots!

After he's quickly defeated, he'll lose control of the power he's using and will mutate into some kinda of rabid form himself! A bit more bulkier now, he'll charge at you as a main form of attack, but can also summon a swarm of bats to make things annoying.

Kill him again, and his body will literally disintegrate into red particles, dead for good this time. Head on up to the third floor.

The Island's core is here, but before you can make a move, Misery holds Sue's life to preventing you from destroying it. Out of nowhere, the Doctor will arise in a form of pure Red energy, transforms both Misery and Sue into strong mutations, and possesses the Island's Core all in a foolhardy last attempt to destroy you!

Bird Misery will summon creatures and critters from a range to whittle you down slowly, but you can use these to heal up and feed your weapons somewhat. Sue on the other hand, will be power flipping directly into your face, and should be your first Priority.

Whether you live Misery up and running, just like the Island core, the Undead Core can only be damaged when its face is lit up.

While the Undead Core's health it pretty high, it only has three attacks, which can be painfully easy to predict by looking at what face is currently showing. If you put a bit of effort in, left yourself enough health from the previous bosses and clear out the annoying sidekicks, this shouldn't be too hard to finish off.

And when you do, the Island will start to collapse! Follow sue out and dodge the falling debris. If you one of the people skilled and learned enough to go for the Best Ending, head into the Prefab shed and face the Running Hell. If you failed the prerequisites, it'll be locked off and you'll need to follow Sue.

Once you reach the end of the Balcony, you'll be given no choice but to jump off the Island, but be sure to jump out as far as you can!

With that, the ending will play, and the credits will roll. Congratulations, you just beat Cave Story! If it helped you out in anyway, or you just enjoyed reading it, please consider donating. It helps me out, and encourages me to write more guides. Hope you enjoyed Cave Story!