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Shadow Tag Game Review

Shadow Tag

Genre: Action

Game Review
Shadow Tag, a flash game made by Elvidian Entertainment in 48 hours for the Newgrounds' "Cabin Jam" Game. Shadow Tag is an intriguing and scary type of avoidance flash game. The idea behind Shadow Tag is simple and repetitive; get to your car! However before hopping in, you need gather some fuel and find your keys. So you must wander around, very slowly, hedge mazes avoiding creepy shadow children which will run after you and possess you if they get really close to you.

I was impressed at how complicated this turned out to be. It was weird, because I thought it would just be one level where you tried to get the keys, but I knew that would be too easy. I had no idea there were actually enemies coming after you! It was freaky the first time you get possessed, but so long as you keep your temperament it becomes a simple puzzle game. It is enjoyable I'll admit, but it doesn't really help in making me want to play. The pacing is almost painfully slow and you have to die a few times learning each new level. Once you know each maze inside and out, where the items are, where the children starting positions are, then you can devise a strategy to outmaneuver the enemies. Still, that such minute and little errors can cost a player victory seems unkind and unbalanced; many times I died simply because I wound up snagged on a corner for only a second or two.

The sound design and the programming are top notch. The graphics were gorgeous and the atmosphere was foreboding and unwelcoming. For having made this in 48 hours, everyone involved outdid themselves. In the meantime, if you want a little bit of a shiver to be sent up your spine... you're it!