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No,Birdie,No! Game Review & Walkthrough Guide


Developers: Giovanni Coli, Piero Molino & Piero Molino
Genre: Action

Game Review
One of the key reasons a successful flash game needs is its simplicity, No,Birdie,No! does exactly that. The gameplay can be understood by anyone, and even if you are completely new to gaming you will have no trouble understanding what needs to be done. I was shocked by its originality and creativity.

No, Birdie, No! is an action arcade game in which players have to use their manual coordination to face a finger twisting challenge. The main character is clinging to the edge of a cliff trying to avoid a mean birdie that wants to loosen his grip and make him fall down the endless pit. You can play this game with one hand on the ASDF keys. The player has to press four keys on the keyboard in order to simulate the grip and release the correct finger to dodge the birdʼs peaks. The longer the player resists the more points he scores. If you are too slow the bird pecks it and you lose that finger in the game. Lose all the fingers or accidentally release all your fingers and you will fall down the cliff to your death. Straightforward game!

This bird is a jerk. Anyways, the game features a 2D pixel art graphics and a friendly mechanism. The easy to grasp gameplay makes No,Birdie,No! extremely addictive. It would rather be more logical if there are eight inputs instead of four at once, I think the game is more challenging this way. Unfortunately most keyboards do not support the pressure of more than 4 keys simultaneously. Overall this is a funny flash game you can give it a try.

No,Birdie,No! Guide


Technique in No,Birdie,No!
At first I thought this game is hard, I keep panicking and releasing all the keys. Then later I realize the bird is actually a bit predictable; The bird will only peck on the finger that is not dodged. With this game mechanism, I came out with a mindlessly switching technique. Just switch AS and DF every time the bird changes position. This is a good way to earn up to 10,000 points or more.