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Super Duck Punch! Game Review

Super Duck Punch

Genre: Action

Game Review
Hey people, today’s game review are going to be an interesting one. It's called Super Duck Punch by the famous game developer, Jmtb02, the creator of LOOT the game and Epic Combo series. The flash game is completely action packed and you can carry the title "The Greatest Animal Fighter" after finishing the game. Really amazing!

In Super Duck Punch, you'll finally be answering one of the most trickiest question you have been avoiding; "Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?". At the first level, you are literally given a choice to fight either 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-ized duck. After selecting, you will be taking control of an old-time boxer, thrown into the ring and battle to your death. Apparently, there are 20+ battles to engage and many challenges to explore. The entire match ups are totally random and very funny to play, however they can be brutal.

I was silly enough to choose the 100 duck-sized horses. Those little creatures overwhelm me as soon as I tried to land my first kick. The controls are very simple and easy to understand; 3 keys, Z, X and C to jab, punch and kick. You can simply mash up the buttons and eventually you'll win with almost no real strategy. I believe any young players will love it. My only major concern was the frame rate issues. My computer runs DOTA 2 just fine but gets real lag in certain stages. Other than that, I enjoyed the whole idea and the visuals. Just take a close look at the sweet-looking muscular gentlemen especially the handlebar mustache! Here is my small request. I want Super Duck Punch to have more choices and variations. Perhaps we can choose and customize the animals we want to fight like 1 elephant with lion head or 25 mouse-sized dragon and so on. That will be really awesome!

Jmtb02 really love animals in a special way... Something I have realized. ^^