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Detroit: Become Human Wiki – Everything you need to know about the game

Detroit: Become Human is an upcoming science fiction adventure game from developer Quantic Dream. Sony who will be publishing the game exclusively for the PS4. This is the first game that Quantic Dream is developing for the PlayStation 4. The director for this game is David Cage, who has been closely tied to most of the other games that have been produced by Quantic Dreams. He’s worked on Beyond: Two Souls, The Dark Sorcerer, Kara, Heavy Rain, Indigo Prophecy.


In late 2013, Quantic Dream founder and CEO David Cage announced he was in pre-production on a PS4 exclusive, which would build upon what he had done in the past with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, “but in a very, very different way.” Cage announced the game he had teased back in 2013 was a title about androids, dubbed Detroit: Become Human at the Sony press briefing during the Paris Game Week event on October 27, 2015. It was also announced that the game is built using the “Kara” demo the company unveiled back in 2012. Quantic Dream first teased its work on PS4 with a tech demo of The Dark Sorcerer back at E3 2013 though at that point there wasn’t any kind of game in the mode of Detroit: Become Human to show off. Quantic Dream showed off the game with a reveal trailer. At the end of the trailer Quantic Dream shows that the entire video was made with in-engine footage.

Originally, the Kara demo was never supposed to be a full game, but Cage and the rest of the development team decided they wanted to see what would happen. The director said the final game took them in a direction they didn’t expect. Quantic Dream also announced that in order to make the surroundings as realistic as possible, they actually traveled to Detroit and checked out the lay of the land.


Detroit Become Human

There isn’t a great deal known about the story behind Detroit: Become Human other than what was shown off in the reveal trailer. The game takes place at some point in the future where Detroit has basically dug itself out from financial problems by becoming a city that produces service-bot androids that are very similar in appearance to humans. In fact, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the humans and the androids except for the small blue discs of light around the robots’ temples. It appears that while the androids have long been considered the same kind of accessory as cars used to be (hence the Detroit ties) something has happened that is starting to make humans angry at the androids.

One scene shows a human being so angry he actually grabs one of the robots and appears to scream in his face. The video opens showing a billboard showing that Detroit is now called “Android City” and a narrator who we later find out is the main character Kara is laying the groundwork for the story. She talks about the fact that she can actually remember how she first gained life and sentience. The video then shows that androids being packaged up like products and displayed in store windows. While the other androids appear to be going about their duties, Kara is walking through the streets of the city showing how the world looks to her from the eyes of someone who isn’t actually a human being.

As the narration continues, she begins to talk about how the story of Detroit: Become Human is the story of the androids that populate Detroit. As she is walking down the street, several of the robots that were previously standing obediently start to look after her and even appear to be getting ready to follow her. The voice over seems to be hinting that there might be some sort of a revolution coming, or that even erupts as the game starts, but nothing along those lines is actually pictured in the reveal trailer.



There isn’t much of anything known about the way the gameplay will work in Detroit: Become Human. The development team has said that the gameplay will be very similar to what we have seen in the company’s most recent games, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. That means the game will likely have a fairly basic system when it comes to moving around the environment of Detroit. There will be the ability to interact with different people and objects in the world. Since the trailer was made with footage, in engine, we can also assume this will be a third person perspective game where players will control Kara but will not actually be seeing things through her eyes.



The main character in the story is introduced in the reveal trailer as Kara, an android that appears to have been able to escape captivity and service. None of the other characters are named in the reveal trailer, though a few versions of other androids are featured prominently in the trailer. There is an African-American android that Kara spots a couple of times during her travels, as well as an Asian-American android she walks buy and appears to be considering joining her in her travels.

There is a Caucasian model of the androids that are shown off as being multiple copies and also appears to be the most common kind of android in this world. At one point there are several of the same model standing in what are “parking stalls.” It is not known whether or not any of these characters are going to play a part in the actual game, or whether they were simply used to help debut the game in this particular trailer. Any human enemies or antagonists are not specifically named or revealed in the trailer.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game