Fallout 4 Settlement Building Walkthrough

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Walkthrough

One of the most anticipatory features of Fallout 4 is the game’s brand new settlement feature. It allows players to build their own custom settlement using modular pieces and procedural design elements. In essence, players get to build and design their own settlement in the game as if they were playing The Sims.

There are a couple of walkthroughs available of Fallout 4’s settlement feature, detailing and showing gamers the controls, pieces, parts and functionality of the creation toolkit. You can check out a rather extensive walkthrough from the PlayStation Universe YouTube channel.

The video takes place within Sanctuary Hills. It showcases how certain devices need power in order to function and how you’ll need a source of power for electricity, objects that are active such as opening doors and lights, as well as beds for everyone who lives in the settlement. You’ll need to build generators with copper wires to objects that require power. A generator has a rating of how much energy it produces and objects that require power will have a rating of how much power they will consume.

The building tools allow you to create structures, furniture, defenses, lights, resources, stores and crafting. Each category has sub-menus available to choose different types of objects within each sub-category. It’s a very in-depth system.

You can select parts and rotate them using the L2 and R2 buttons; you can use the analog to look around and move the objects up and down or push them inward or outward when it comes to depth.

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As explained in the video, you need to keep your defenses high to avoid being attacked by mutants, and you’ll need beds put down for the amount of people who actually live in the settlement. Food and water supplies will also need to be supplied to compensate for the amount of people who live in the settlement. Keeping people happy is also part of the equation, as food and shelter, as well as the defense rating will all play a part in that.

Using radio towers will allow players to reach out and bring in new people to live in the settlement. The more radio towers the more broadcasts are sent out to lure in wandering travelers. Said radio towers are essentially recruitment beacons. It’s further explained in a video by Open World Games.

They explain in the video that the Charisma skill is necessary for the science perks as well as investing in a well to provide ample water supplies, and plenty of beds before setting up the radio towers; this way you can be prepared before anyone actually shows up at your settlement.

The Open World Games video is extremely helpful for gamers who need a bit of help setting up their first settlement and understanding how everything into place in order to design something both aesthetically pleasing and functionally competent.

Fallout 4 is available right now for home consoles and PC. You can pick a copy right now if you haven’t already from your local retailer or digital online shops.