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Skylanders Swap Force General Guide – Tips & Tricks

The newest Skylanders game has finally arrived, and like the other entries in the series, it involves much more than just purchasing a game. Getting the right kits and figures will give you a serious advantage in the game. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks for you to use whether you are just buying your Skylanders SWAP Force kit or if you are already playing.

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Have One of Each Character

Although there are over 100 characters in the Skylanders universe, you only need at least the 16 new ones from Swap Force to see all of the game. Each of these 16 should be a different type, forming a unique combination of elements and movement. This could be Air/Spin, Fire/Jump, Earth/Dig, etc. If you don’t want to spend money buying all the figures, look for a kit that will at least include what you need to see all of the game.

Swap Your Parts

The new Skylanders game is all about swapping the pieces of your characters. The new 16 characters can all have their top halves and bottom halves switched and combined to create a whopping 256 different characters. You can even make characters that have two elements or two movement types. Experimenting with these creations will allow you to progress and find secrets in the game.

Check Out Store Exclusives

If you really love Skylanders, you’ll be happy to know that many stores have exclusive bundles or figure variants that you can find. Wal-Mart, Target, and GameStop all have exclusive packages. Check them out if you are a collector.

Keep Your Old Skylanders Figures

All of the old Skylanders toys will be compatible with Skylanders SWAP Force. So hold on to them! You never know when they can come in handy, whether you are playing on your console or having fun with the physical aspect or collectible value.

Pick the Right Starter Kit

There are a couple different starter kits available. First, you will obviously need to consider what console you want to play on. Swap Force is available for most consoles, including Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360. Different stores may have different starter kits with varied characters, so do some research and find the starter kit that will best suit your play style.

Practice Movement Skills

One of the most important aspects of a character in Skylanders SWAP Force is the movement skill. These are skills like dig, spin, and jump. Each one will make a character move in a different way, and it can take you by surprise. To avoid accidentally launching yourself off a cliff or into some flames, practice and get the hang of how you move with different characters.