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CoD: Advanced Warfare

Bloodshed Armor is some of the rarest armor you can get in CoD: Advanced Warfare.

The Bloodshed Armor is all black with red highlights, but honestly the “sweet” factor comes from it being rare, and the full set being difficult to earn all at once.

The armor pieces can only be earned from getting kill streaks without dying. The down side however is that you only keep after it’s earned for a total of 30 minutes playing time whether you wear it or not, and then it goes away.. so you have to keep earning it over and over.

Good luck with that my friends.

Earning Bloodshed Armor

The pieces are earned one piece at a time based on your streak.

5 Kill Streak – Bloodshed Helmet
10 Kill Streak – Bloodshed Gloves
15 Kill Streak – Bloodshed Shin Guards
20 Kill Streak – Bloodshed Pants
25 Kill Streak – Bloodshed Loadout (Chest)
Fury Kill (4 kills in quick succession) – Bloodshed Shirt

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Bloodshed Armor

Credit for photo goes to this Reddit page.