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Solara (iOS game) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Solara is a brand new iPhone and iPad game (not to be confused with the Toyota Solara) that combines the play of a role playing game or a card battle game with a tower building simulator such as Tiny Tower. In Solara, it follows a very linear story that has you building the tower to a taller and taller height, gaining levels and leveling up your fighters, and fighting against various enemies to complete quests as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Solara for the iOS!

Food is your main source of “energy” in the game, and once your food runs out, you have to wait for it to regenerate. Set your phone to airplane mode, though, and then set the time ahead in the game and shut off your WiFi, and you can regenerate your energy immediately. Whenever the phone touches data again, though, it will reset back to normal, so it’s kind of worthless for long term play.

Other than that, build as many food rooms as you can in order to maximize both your maximum food and the food that you regenerate per hour. Use your food on fighting to complete quests as often as possible, and you will level up rapidly, and when you level up, your food regenerates automatically.

It also costs food to level up your fighters, so don’t level all of them up at the same time. Only level up the ones that you plan to use in fights, and save the rest of your food for actually being able to engage in those fights. Every time that you unlock a new fighter, they will be leveled up to the maximum level available at that time, so add them to the party. Use the coins from all of those fights to build food rooms.

If you don’t play that often, though, build more tool rooms as well in order to earn yourself coins while you aren’t playing the game. Then, put those coins into buying even more food rooms. Build the tower taller in order to be able to unlock even more rooms, so that you can earn even more coins and food. Even put your Espers towards building new rooms if you have to.