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Farm Story 2: How to get more Coins and Gems, Part 2

Welcome to part two of the guide to earning more gems and coins in Farm Story 2! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

Once you unlock the side store, you will be able to earn a TON more coins. Go to the store and list anything you want for sale. Sell it for above market price; however, don’t sell it for too high, or it will take too long for sell. If the item takes more work to get, though (such as items you earn from deliveries, or craft items), you can sell them for much more expensive prices.

Arbitrage the store, too. This especially works once you unlock the news stand. For example, if you see an item selling for an unusually cheap price, buy it, and then immediately list it on your store for a profit. A 25% profit is a good indicator of how much you should go for, since you don’t want to get greedy. However, with some items, you can MAJORLY crank up the prices.

Get to various unlockable areas, and you will be able to get more items and sell them. For example, once you expand all the way out to the mine, you will be able to get items such as iron, silver, and gold, and once you unlock the train, you can increase your shipments. The more crafting buildings you unlock (such as the deep frier, the chocolatier and the candle maker), the more items that you will be able to make and sell at a profit.

Have a ton of neighbors and a sky high social rating, as this increases the exposure that your store gets, thus increasing your chances of getting sales. Make sure that you have the news stand unlocked as well, so that you can easily find other items that you can buy from random people, and so that your items can be listed on the news stand to be purchased by random people.

Unlock the train station as well, and you will have an opportunity to get free gems by sending train shipments back and forth.