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Guide to Underworld Empire for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Underworld Empire is a new game by Phoenix Age, Inc, in which you play as the leader of either a gang, a mafia or a cartel or some other gang, and your goal is to reclaim the empire that was once in your family. You do this by amassing a large number of lieutenants, weapons, vehicles and other goodies, completing a series of jobs, and fighting wars or duels against other gangs. Read on for some tips and tricks for Underworld Empire!

You only start off with one available lieutenant slot in this game, but by completing more and more jobs, you will unlock more and more slots for lieutenants, for free. To prepare for this, though, go to the Lieutenants menu and use your cash to buy more lieutenants, including the leaders of other gangs, or especially the more expensive lieutenants. But before you do this, go to the Properties menu and buy more and more restaurants so that you can earn more money.

Know the difference between invading and dueling before you decide to battle. Starting a war against another gangster will pit all of your gangsters, weapons and armor against all of their gangsters, weapons and armor. However, choosing to duel will pit only your strongest lieutenant, weapon and armor against their strongest lieutenant, weapon and armor. So if your leader is very powerful but your gang is not, choose duel, but if your gang is disproportionately loaded and powerful, choose war.

Each member of your gang can equip one weapon, one gear, and one vehicle to increase their attack and their defense, so buy one of each for each lieutenant that you have. Vehicles are expensive, but they are important for battle, too, and since often people are going to neglect buying vehicles due to how much they cost, you can gain an instant advantage by including them in your purchases.

Finally, go to the allies tab and load up on allies as quickly as possible. Send gifts to your allies and they will be prompted to send you gifts back. Also, if you can’t battle yet, or even if you can, participate in the boss fights as often as possible, because they are an excellent way to increase your experience and level up when you run out of energy.

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