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Real Steel Champions: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Real Steel Champions is a new robot fighting game for the iOS and Android platforms. This sequel to the previous WRB fighting games brings a whole new list of robots for you and your robot fighters to go up against in battle. You can give them new moves, upgrade your current moves, and more. Read on for some tips and tricks for Real Steel Champions for the iOS and Android platforms!

There are two main types of moves that you can do in this game; the light ones and the heavy ones. Use them in conjunction with each other in order to land easy combos against enemy robots. Use only one or the other and you will have a bit of a harder time. Mix them up for easy combos and wins.

Also, be sure to use direction buttons to change up your punches. The AI will get used to your punches if you just tap and do the standard punch over and over. However, if you tap in a direction when you throw a punch, you will throw a different type of punch. Change up your punches to constantly throw the AI off of its game.

You can purchase other moves for your robots, and this is good to do if you want a new look at things; however, there is absolutely no point in doing so. Doing so is a waste of money because statistically, all of the moves are the same, and they won’t throw off the AI any more than any other moves will.

Instead, upgrade both the active and passive stats of your bots. Active stats and passive stats both have a direct effect on your effectiveness in the middle of a fight, so if you upgrade them, you will have a much stronger robot to fight with. Keep the stats upgraded at the pace that you need to in order to win battles decisively (not just barely win battles).

Play the time attack mode to grind for money adn experience points. You will go up against a whole load of robots, which are mostly easy to beat, and in exchange you will load up on good stuff that will let you get new equipment.