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Combo Knights – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How To Beat, and Strategy Guide

Combo Knights is a new tapper RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, with a unique battle system that presents a challenging twist. You’ll move through wave after wave of monsters, upgrading various components of your character’s stats so that you can progress through tougher and tougher chapters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Combo Knights!

You level up fairly frequently in this game and each time that you do, you will be able to improve one of your stats. Make sure to strike a good balance between attack power, health, and the critical stuff. Always look out for the blue option if you can; this is the one that’s a higher-than-normal stat boost, while the green ones tend to be the average stat boost.

You’ll also collect coins here and there. You won’t be able to spend them from the chapter screen, but close the game out and then open it back up again and go to the character select screen. Then go to the upgrades area and you will be able to upgrade your character for 100 coins at first, then 150, and so on per upgrade. Each upgrade will increase one stat randomly.

You can purchase new characters, or keep scrolling through the character select screen to find other ones that you already have for free. Go back to old levels to get these characters up to speed. Also, pay attention before you purchase a new character. They are all listed with their level 300 stats, but they won’t actually be at level 300 when you buy them. They will be down at level 1 after the purchase is completed.

Some chapters can be extremely difficult; luckily you can go back to the old ones to gain some levels if you are having too much trouble. Also, if you die once during a battle, you will be able to revive for free one time by watching an advertisement. After that though, you will have to start over again unless you want to purchase a revival method with real life money.

After awhile playing you’ll unlock the raid area. This is an excellent way to add to your experience, stats and gold as well, and it adds some MMO elements to the game too. Use the main chapter area if you want to power up in preparation for better raids, too.