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World of Warcraft: The Legion is the sixth extension to the cult

World of Warcraft: Legion was unveiled at gamescom 2015 this week. The new expansion takes place in the Broken Isles, where Gul'dan can be found among the ruins of a Night Elf civilisation, leading the greatest incursion of the Burning Legion to date.

Among the many new additions is the Demon Hunter class. These shapeshifting elven outcasts can take on "fel forms". They can be specced as durable tanks or to perform spectacular "fiery demonic attacks", and have a skill called Spectral Sight allowing them to spot enemies through obstacles. They can also double jump and use their wings to perform surprise aerial attacks.

The other major addition is Artifact Weapons, which can be upgraded and customised, but there's also the Order Hall for class-specific gatherings, a PvP Honor system and new PvP powers.

Legion ups the level cap to 110 and comes with one character booster to bring you up to level 100. Check out the cinematic trailer and features overview below.

World of Warcraft: The Legion is the sixth extension to the cult and still wildly popular MMORPG by Blizzard studies Enteratatinment, World of Warcraft. Despite more than 10 years on the neck, WoW is still actively developed and attracts millions of players in front of screens around the world, apparently not deterred their duty to periodically pay a subscription business model in the era of free-to-play. The official announcement of the Legion took place in August 2015, during gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Appendix debut no later than during the Christmas holidays in 2016. In this compendium we gather all the most important and interesting information and materials related to World of Warcraft: Legion. 1. The plot events of World of Warcraft: Legion followed by those familiar with the latest release, Warlord of Draenor. As a result of the insidious agenda nefarious shaman Gul'dan, the Burning Legion for the second time invades the world of Azeroth, this time With a much larger force than before. By the time the turmoil we know from previous enlargement, the Burning Legion is not only powerful, but also attacks at a time when Azeroth civilizations are exhausted Iron bloody war with the Horde. In this way, it begins another race against time: the champions of Azeroth must go to the Elven ruins on Destroyed Islands [orig. Broken Isles] to find the artifacts (especially enigmatic Pillars of Creation [orig. Pillars of Creation], allegedly used by the Titans to the creation of the world of Azeroth), through which they can save their world from the Burning Legion and the arrival of his fearsome creator, Sargeras. Moreover, the circumstances will force the mortal heroes to conclude a pact with demons Illidari hunters, led by Illidan Stormrage, also called traitor.

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